Saturday, November 20, 2010

Back to nature

Back to Fukuda Field. This time along with about 500 Scouts and Scouters for the BSA-SAJ Friendship Pareol-O-Ree.
Although the nights were cold, the days were lovely and the event went smoothly, with a roaring closing campfire.
You might have seen the Bunny's blankie posted last week. This one is mine. Made many moons ago for wearing on blustery days and cold nights around the campfire.
The back has a pieced eagle and the borders are seminole piecing. The pockets and neck opening represent the morning and evening star. The quilting was made more for meaning than for show so most is blue on blue.
Swallows fly on both fronts, morning and evening and a woodland pattern goes around inside the borders. A coiled lizard above one pocket represents conservation and woodland Indian flowers fill in spaces. On the lower back corners are a quilted owl and turtle, my spirit helpers.
The opening closes into a blanket if I need extra warmth at night. Blue and brown are my favorite color combination and the colors of my Indian regalia.
The little wooden cut pieces for the advent calendar went with me but not too many were finished. That will be the next task with one week left.


  1. You are clever. I like the quilting pattern. Did you design it or trace it from somewhere? Quite an achievement. Any more scout related quilting items stashed away?

  2. I guess I might have mentioned that The Order of the Arrow, Scouting's National Honor Society, of which I am a Vigil member is based on American Indian tradition. I draw all my own patterns after looking at native art from various traditions and picking out what speaks to me.

    I do have a lot of quilted and apliqued stuff that never made it into my journal as I have been thinking of my quilts as mostly bed covers.

  3. Julie I am just blown away by this wonderful piece. It's not only beautiful but so meaningful to you - it's a real treasure. blessings, marlene

  4. The design of the poncho itself shows a great Japanese influence I think.

  5. This is just beautiful. Great pattern and colors

  6. Beautiful quilt, Julie, a treasure. I loved scouting too when we were in it. So many images we used for crafting. I made a tablerunner for my son's group of Webelos when they transitioned to boy scouts, that had dozens of merit badges cut out and fused to the tablecloth. Had a ball making it. We also used bowling pins to make Webelo scouts, with little felt blue and white ball caps and tiny little neckerchiefs with the Webelos badge as the tie holder. Great memories!

  7. Clever idea and I like it that you can turn it into a blanket easily. This would have been a good idea for the many soccer games that I have sat through and froze.

  8. I saw your eagle on Taniwa's blog about the quilt show. I am making a quilt of Valor for a challenge at the 2014 HMQS show in Salt Lake, Utah in May and would love to have your permission to put the eagle on mine. It will be donated to the Quilts of Valor after the show. Please let me know if this is alright with you, Thank you.