Friday, May 10, 2013

All kinds of progress

Yesterday, my daughter was able to visit the owl at the vet.

The vet donated his time and talent to this owl, performing surgery on the broken wing and it seems the owl is doing well.

When the wing heals, the owl will go to a nature center while it's feathers grow back and, if it can fly, will be released back into the wild. If it can't fly, it will be cared for at the center.

Here is my granddaughter, Leia, paying the owl a visit.

She had been to the "owl park" near Mt Fuji in November where there were many species of owls on display and even an "Owl Show" and owls to hold on a gloved hand. None of those were domestic.

On this visit she has joined her mother and grandmother and a caring neighbor and vet, learning the importance of caring for all God's creatures, that there is always someone out there that can help, you only need to keep looking.

What sounded like just another sad story a week ago has turned around, not just for the owl, but everyone who had a part.

This owl appears to be an "aobazuku" or Brown Hawk Owl.

The "Fukuro", Ural Owl, is the most common variety but there are a few of these in the Tokyo area and I have seen and heard them frequently on Miyake island.

And the owl baby quilt  has now taken charge of his own progress,
Supervising from the entry-way door.

He is now getting some chest feathers.

Once that section is done, he will get some wings.

Then I will have to audition fabrics for the background and borders.

I have all kinds of blue scraps if I decide to put sky, and also many leaf prints. It will depend mostly on what will not hide the owl.

And today ... Ta daa! ... a new star has joined my block collection!

About a week ago, I had a message from Tanya at Taniwa, asking if I would mind if she made me a block for my followers quilt.

Mind?  You gotta be kidding!
Here is what she made for me ... Isn't it fantastic!

Those who have visited the Toshogu Shrine in Nikko would recognize the sleeping cat right away. Tanya paper-pieced this cat and even added the star points. Yes, that block has Tanya written all over it! I absolutely love that little kitty. I could never have done this with a four-inch block.

I am hoping one of these days Tanya and I will meet in person. Certainly our trails have overlapped a great deal. When my son took my paper diary and put it onto a blog, I was away at the BSA Jamboree and arrived back at his home to be introduced to my new paperless diary. To make it look more authentic, he put up a sidebar of other quilt bloggers ... and right on top was "Taniwa".
So ... we have been linked from day one ... making Tanya my longest blogging friend! (Thanks Jon. Great pick)! This is not the first gift I have received from Tanya either. I have a beautiful table runner she sent me too. Also with this charming kitty, she sent me a doggy handkerchief, No note but the piece is sponsored by the "Japan Small Animal Veterinary Association" to encourage the recovery from the earthquake and Tsunami.

Like the vet who helped the owl, there are other kind and compassionate vets,giving help where needed ... and good citizens supporting their efforts by buying cute doggy hankies.
Thank you, Tanya. I am blessed by your friendship.

My collection is growing ... even though I have slacked off a bit.

(I am finding I have a serious shortage of pink fabric and that is what I need for my next block).
I am not going to buy more fabric so more digging is in order.

I just love how these blocks are getting along with each other. Quilt bloggers are the greatest! Even their blocks are welcoming new ones.

Setting them out on the table is like going to a party.

Even when safely in their box, they seem to be having fun while awaiting one more quilter to join the group.

And, although children's day is over ... and probably everyone else has put away their decorations for another year, this table runner asked to be left out a wee bit more.

It is very old. Made from a tenugui in an age where we had a big house with a huge dining room table. It is even older than my paper diary so has never been added to the story of my quilts. From May 1 to May 5 is just too short exposure for a carp that has been hiding on a closet shelf for eleven months!

Enjoy your weekend. I know I will.


  1. a good week all round xx can see why you want to keep the runner out a little longer x

  2. I can see why you want to leave that runner out a bit longer, me I would leave it out all year round
    its beautiful....

  3. I love the progression of your owls, both the live one and the pieced one! I'm looking forward to seeing the background you choose. I tried to picture it in my mind but the leaf fabrics I visualized blended and the blues were too vibrant (in my head). You have such amazing color sense that I know it's going to be perfect...I envy you that talent. Your star blocks are so much fun to see. And how sweet for your friend to send you one! Quilters are the best. :). Blessings, Marlene

  4. Julie... Wonderful about the owl.... And the lessons and memories attached for your granddaughter. Love the table runner. And... I have pink for you!

  5. Great news about the owl and lovely to see the progress on your quilt, too.

  6. Your owl quilt is coming along beautifully, nice piece to remind you of the event.
    I love your blocks and wonderful block from Tanya.


  7. That owl is teensy compared to my imagination. I seem to have a memory of that owl baby quilt. Maybe I saw your notes? Love you.

  8. Great news about that little owl. You are right about the carp banner, it is to nice to only be out of the closet for 5 days a year. If you need some pink fabric I do have some I would gladly send to you.

  9. That poor owl fell in the right hands! Not only has it been given the best loving care but it has bonded all the carers together. Events like this will teach Leia, and remind the adults, of the importance of caring.
    Your own owl is growing 'stronger' too, and you need to watch out or it will fly away on the sprouting wings.
    I've already told you how much I like Tanya's block and your collections is growing beautifully.

  10. Oh I'm so glad the owl is making a recovery - and how nice that your granddaughter is learning to care for the creatures. It is always wonderful to hear of people doing good - it cheers my soul. And the owl quilt - coming right along and looking so great. Hope the owl and the carp can get along with each other peacefully.

  11. Glad the block got to you. Absolutely overjoyed that the owl is doing well!!! Your growing star quilt will be a real eye-catcher! Such fun! I wish I'd thought of doing something like this.

  12. That owl certainly ended up in the right place, I'm enjoying following the recovery process and seeing the quilt. Those star blocks look wonderful.

  13. I saw Tanya's block over on her blog. Loved it. Glad the owl is improving.

  14. What a pretty block and the detail is wonderful.

  15. Your owl quilt looks fantastic!!!