Thursday, May 16, 2013

Take-along work

My owl is flying along with me these days.
I'm pinning the blocks together in rows. They go into a little baggie and all I need is my cutting disc and the pin cushion that goes on my finger like a ring. Can you see it? It was made for me by one of my quilting friends. (A walnut shell with a ruffle of yellow and a brown plaid cushion in the middle). There is a adjustable ring glued to the back. I have another pin cushion that fastens around my wrist but I really don't need that many pins.

The above strips are the wings. I honestly think it takes more time to find and cut scraps than it does to sew them together.

This weekend and the coming week I will have no time for prep. Tonight I will be at camp for an Order of the Arrow weekend. Since I have to sing on Sunday morning, I will return late Saturday night.

I'm not sure of my duties for the "OA" work and ceremonies, but since I was Lodge Adviser for six and a half years, there will be a number of places I can be of use.

One thing will be getting ready for the following weekend where I will be teaching crafts at Cub Camp.

Most of my time has been spent getting ready for the trip to Tohoku. I will leave Monday morning after returning from rice delivery. (that means ... by the mobile sardine can). The first part will be by train and the second by bus.

The classes will take place all day Tuesday and Wednesday, then I will reverse the trip to Tokyo in time for choir practice Thursday night ... the last one before our big performance Sunday. ... and then re-pack my stuff for Cub camp.

I wish I could feel more excited about the quilting lessons. I have prepared several lessons that should cover all the basics ... Yes, like a Scout, I like to be prepared. The big worry is that I have no idea of what the expectations are. If it is just to learn a new hobby, I think I can handle it ... even with my miserable Japanese skills. If they are looking for something they can sell ... well I sure am not getting rich quilting, and I have been doing it a long time. I hope I will return with a good report and some pictures. I know there will be no internet connection at Camp and I have no idea about Tohoku. How will I survive without my blogging friends? What will Nikko get into when I am away? If I leave my windows open, will my husband remember to close them if it rains or will I return to flooded bedding? If I leave the windows shut, will my plants cook in the day-time heat? (a greenhouse can get pretty darn hot on a sunny day).

This is what will be happening while I am away. These flowers are volunteers along my little ally.

Each time I walk by, I pull weeds from this tiny strip where the pavement meets the wall.

Both of these flowers grow from tiny bulbs. When a section of the wall was replaced, I re-distributed the bulbs and now there is a nice strip of color along the entire length.  These are what I had planted in the hole outside my entry. Too bad the neighbor prefers bare concrete because these look quite pretty and last a long time. The damage to the wall post happened during the earthquake but the wall held upright. The wall on the other side lost almost all of its stucco finish at that time. That is why you are told not to stand near a wall if you run outside during a quake. Well, the place I am going has suffered much more than a cracked wall.

I hope I will have something positive to post next.


  1. I dont know where you get your energy from! take care xx

  2. I, too, wonder where you find all that energy.
    Is it scouting that has made you so excellent at plans and preparations? Your 'piece-as-yo-go' packs look neat, and the pincushion is surely a helping 'nut'.
    The owl is growing more and more impressive.
    You will be fine in Tohoku. YOU are not responsible for the idea and one can never estimate in advance how advanced the participants will be. Simply by supporting the people of Tohoku with your presence and your cheerfulness will energise them.
    All the best for an energy-packed time ahead.

  3. you are busy! I love those little flowers

  4. Good luck with your week ahead. You have a lot planned. Great to see the owl steadily growing.

  5. I usually never have a hand project ready, but, I've been working on one for the past week or so. I've basted some hexies, now to stitch them together. I need to keep a hand project ready, since I may be driving and sitting with a friend during chemo. Have fun while you are away!

  6. I love to make up little kits to take on trips. I usually put my supplies in a little plastic box and put that with the project into a tote.


  7. The owl is coming along nicely. Enjoy your adventures - they sound like fun.

  8. The owl looks great. I have got to make me one of those ring pin cushions, your is the first I have seen made from a walnut shell. How creative is that!

  9. Your owl quilt is coming along quite beautifully. I'm sure your quilt class will be great. You are a natural teacher and I bet your students enjoy your class no matter what you teach them.

  10. I am sitting with my daughter as I read this, and telling her what a remarkable woman you are. I hope I will be half as active as u are at your age.

  11. My son is an OA member and just received his Star. I hope by the end of the year he get earn Life. He's got one eagle merit badge done and has to do two others. The other badges he can earn at camp.

    Love your owl!! Very cute!!

    I'm just now getting caught up with all my blog readings. I'm getting there!!

  12. Hi, Julie. Your owl is cool. It's interesting how that point of white adds so much depth to the eyes. Hope your teaching goes well. You flowers are lovely.
    best, nadia

  13. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures, Mom. Safe travels.

  14. Your owl is looking GREAT! I hope to try to sketch one for myself one of these days.

  15. The owl is so cute! Hey and I saw your Seasons quilt too and of course voted for it!!! (Hey, I was ready to vote for it even before I saw your name there.) It is a masterpiece! When will you know the results of the vote?