Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The owls have their day

The owls are getting top billing today.

Saturday morning, I had a phone call from my #3 daughter living in the outskirts of Tokyo. Her neighbor had found an injured owl. It was in a cardboard carton in her house and looking poorly. She was wondering what to do.

I have had experience long ago with bird rescue and knew since it was a public holiday weekend, the bird park would be open and someone there would be able to give advice.

My husband made several phone calls and was able to locate a person who could advise the neighbor what to do. After passing the information to my daughter, who then passed it on to her friend,  the lady was able to talk to the specialist and get advice. Another call Sunday informed me the owl had survived the night, and another call Monday let me know the owl had taken some food and was looking better.

This was a long holiday because, since one of the big days fell on Sunday, the whole holiday extended through Monday. Luckily, the owl made it through and today's call let me know the owl was on it's way to a vet and will be taken care of. If it's broken wing heals, it will be rehabilitated and released and if it cannot mend, it will become part of an educational exhibit.

I am so happy the owl has made it this far and will get the care it needs. I'm so glad for my daughter and husband who dropped everything to help out, and that the neighbor took the advice. Everyone, the adults, and the children have learned how to find the best advice and must be happy for a positive outcome.

From early childhood I have had a special relationship with owls. Usually, it is the owl helping me, so it is a blessing for once to do something to return the favor.

Now, you may have seen the project above in the picture. This is the beginning of a baby quilt. My son and his wife are also "owl people" so an owl quilt is called for, and since July is not all that far off, I needed to get going. I had drafted a pattern on graph paper long ago but just couldn't find that drawing. Finally I got out another notebook and drew a new pattern. I have travel and meetings coming up and sewing two-inch squares together is fine take-along work. News of the owl's rescue came right at the beginning of this start. A good omen? Maybe so.  At least, I have another owl story to add to my collection,


  1. Wonderful rescue story- and darling quilt - lucky baby.

  2. There is always something impressive to read and see on your blog. The poor owl was indeed lucky to be found by your daughter's neighbour, who then got sound advice via her, via you and your husband, via the bird park. There is a meaning in all... and I'll be praying for the patient in the box.
    Your owl quilt is already an eye catcher!

  3. I am glad they were able to get help, we have rescue people here who will take in wild animals when they get hurt. One year we found a dead possum on the road and my son was poking it and we heard noises, her babies were still alive in the pouch. We took her off the road and called the rescue and they took the babies.

    Can't wait to see how your quilt comes out. I am still recovering from too much hiking so hope I can get some sewing done today.


  4. Oh, what a lovely story! Your owl is really cool, too!

  5. Julie, as you know, I am also an "owl person." So happy to hear that owl had some tender loving care. Please keep us posted!

  6. I may have told you...I am really into owls...Needless to say, I LOVE the beginnings of your baby quilt! I finished my grand daughters quilt yesterday! Called my daughter and told her she can now go into labor!

  7. Hurray for the owl receiving assistance! And I love the baby quilt!! It's going to be adorable!!

  8. The owl quilt is off to a very cute start. I love those eyes.

  9. I'm so impressed that you can draft a design like that! Very cool!

  10. so glad it all worked out well x loving the look of the quilt so far.. my daughter is also an owl person xx

  11. Cute owl, so far. Hope the injured owl makes it.

  12. Great news about the rescued owl and its progress. So glad it was found by someone caring.
    How lovely was the timing that it worked in with you starting an owl baby quilt. And the start is looking great!

  13. That is wonderful! My fingers are crossed that the owl will soon be flying once again.
    Your owl quilt is quite adorable. I am also working on an owl project, but it will be awhile before I post photos of it.

  14. the owl quilt is just soooo fun and will be a remembrance of this story of an owl and a great ending...
    looking forward to seeing more and more of this one.
    I just love it.