Monday, July 14, 2014

Another friend is remembered with a block.

One more block will be added to my growing collection of "followers blocks"

This one is for Janet, another of my long time friends. You may already know her because we seem to visit many of the same blogs.

In a way this was easy to decide on.
Janet is fond of bright and scrappy so I have made her block a rainbow.

The harder part was adding the Caribou ...crossing the block.
After all, her blog is Caribou Crossing Chroicles.

I tried another piece of the "Japanese taupe". It is soft and flexible but a bit tricky for details like antlers. I did this on the bus ride out to my English class and I think my fellow passengers were wondering what that strange foreigner was up to.   By the way, did you spot the Canada goose? I couldn't resist that one.

I might add to beware of bunnies, as they tend to multiply when given too much attention.  Sunday I was gifted two new bunnies. I'm not sure how they are to be used as they are a bit too light to make bookends.

They are cut from wood and just a wee bit tall to fit under the slanting eves above my pillow.

They were, however, welcomed by the rest of the gang. They are all sitting on the boxes that hold my Scout patches ... that too is a growing collection. I used to sew the patches from scout events on to a patch blanket but after two blankets. enough is enough. Still they keep coming, event after event. A number of them I even designed for the Far East Council.

Well, that is about it for today.  Thank you, Janet, for your continued friendship. This should make up for all the dog hair I send in your direction on the Northerly winds.


  1. Great block with all that wonderful colour.
    And watch out - if the bunnies keep multiplying they will take over your home!

  2. I noticed the Canada Goose right off - super block. Love the bunnies too - what fun

  3. Awe, Jane'ts block is wonderful. Yes, I too, follow Janet's blog. You are so creative to come up with that caribou applique. WTG!

  4. That is a wonderful block and I like how you are using colors and designs to fit each person, that is going to be a nice memory quilt.


  5. bright and cheerful block x love your new additions xx

  6. I, too, have Janet on my blog list and this is superb for her, love the caribou as it crosses the block, and what else but a Goose up there too, wonderful stitching. XX Jean.

  7. Julie! This block is perfect for me! I love the little details in the caribou and the goose and of course I love all the colour and the scrappiness. I really value the friendship we have. I love to hear about the interesting things you do, and the fascinating Japanese culture and I so admire that you do all your stitching by hand. Thank you for making a friendship block to remember me by! :)