Friday, July 11, 2014

A little stitching brings out the sun

Other than hot and humid, the weatherman can't seem to make up his mind....

one minute sun, and then looming dark clouds and hard rain ... now it is back to sun

I thought I could make my own sun with another follower's block.

I decided to celebrate a long friendship with Debbie over at Woolensails. I have tried to add a link with no success but you can probably visit her by going to my side bar.

Debbie and I seem to have a lot in common. We even tend to visit the same set of blogs.

I thought of putting a little sailboat on the center square but opted instead for a bunny. My bunny is not wool or tea-dyed. Instead of two carrots, he is holding a heart. (well, this is about friendship) for the first time I used "Japanese taupe" fabric. I can see why it is so popular with Japanese quilters for applique.

I took the block up to my bed and my bunnies approved.

Here they are, sitting at the head of my bed.

The Knuffle bunny came from school ... needed for nap time. (and is it ever cuddly)!

 The black bunny followed me home from the Tokyo Dome quilt show a few years ago.

The Bluberry-Jambo-Bunny has been to 6 Nippon Jamborees, 5 BSA Jamborees, 2 Nippon Venture Jamborees, 2 AGONOREES (for handicapped Scouts), and one World Jamboree. He is also Woodbadge trained ... wearing beads and a scarf, and a Vigil member of the Order of the Arrow. The button blanket is his.    In a house where owls rule the roost, it is good for the bunnies to stick together.

Many thanks, Debbie, for your continuing friendship.


  1. Super block, the taupe fabric tops, bunnies together, but I just love your owl, sitting with wings folded, overseeing the others. Hugs, Jean. p.s. Hope you are safe after the quake, news came across down here.

  2. LOVE your bunnies .. have to say the one in the block looks awfully sad x must be the weather! xx

  3. Time for me to catch up on your posts. This is a lovely bunny block.
    And your other bunnies look cute, too.

  4. First off, it's surprising how, being half a world away, we both experience the same type of weather - hot and humid.
    Secondly, your block is lovely. I do like bunnies and your little group look like they are at home - to stay.

  5. What a wonderful post and you warmed my heart today.
    I love how you surrounded him with sailboat print, really sweet piece.
    I think it is hot and humid, everywhere;) Still working on finishing my latest piece, hopefully today.


  6. Friendship is in making a quilt, and in keeping one's bunnies in bed! Good to have when the house rocks, eh?

  7. Cute, cute block! And I think everyone I know loves bunnies. :) We have a couple living in the zebra grass in our front yard and are occasionally blessed by seeing them hop around the yard. blessings, marlene

  8. Lovely block for your friend and lovely rabbits all the way around. Nice to have a sunny day. I live in what is called the "Sun City" so we mostly have sun, lots of it. July is our monsoon season so we have rain off-and-on for about 3 days and then it's back to more sun.

  9. What a cute block. Hope you all stayed safe with the bad weather that was headed your way.