Thursday, July 17, 2014

Celebrating friendship

Another star is being added to my collection of followers blocks.

Four inches for the center is always a bit of a challenge. This is supposed to be a compass.

This friend likes blue, green, and purple. (the green points look a bit off in the picture but in real life, they are identify-ably green)

For the star points, I tried to find fabric resembling a sunset.

Can you guess who this block represents? If not, go to All Points of the Compass and pay a visit to Jean.

Long ago I accompanied my husband on a business trip to New Zealand.  I got to do some sightseeing while my husband was working, and was impressed with the friendliness of all those I met along the way.

Around the time of that visit, my family of eight made a holiday trip to Shiobara, and in the resort area we met many young people from Auckland, which was their "sister city". It was New Years and those kids were working in the hotels, many earning money for college. They worked so hard until late at night serving the guests and again from early morning, always with smiling friendly attitudes.

Before we returned to Tokyo, my husband gave those youngsters his card and told them if they ever wanted a break in Tokyo, they would be welcome to stay at our house. From then began a series of visits from the most wonderful kids. We were even blessed to meet the parents of one of those youngsters. I think if New Zealand had wanted to send ambassadors, they couldn't have found better people.

Jean has only reinforced my attitude as all those who have passed through my life in Tokyo have done. Thanks Jean for your comments and warm friendship. New Zealand has more than sheep and beautiful scenery.


  1. This block is perfect for Jean! She takes such beautiful photos and often has these kind of colours in them. I haven't been to New Zealand but a young woman who is our goddaughter as well as good friend of one of my girls is leaving in a week to live there for a year. Hubby told her we might come and visit her. I was surprised that he said that - after he sacrificed to go to Australia I didn't think he would ever agree to another overseas trip. But then again, maybe he was just being friendly.

  2. What a lovely tribute to a friend. And the colors of the block are beautiful - I'm sure enjoying your friendship blocks.

  3. Julie, I have tears as I read your words, and even before I read down to my name, just wondered a little if this block was with my name, all my fav colours, and compass points, thank you from my heart. Janet, reading your words, hope you and Mr Caribou C come and visit us when your goddaughter is here,.To everyone else, did you know I have a special place in my heart for everyone in Japan, after we were so lucky to have Mayumi from near Osaka live with us for one whole year as a host daughter. Hugs, from Jean.

  4. wonderful block and colours .. and memories xxx

  5. A beautiful block Julie. I love reading your wonderfully atriculate and descriptive stories. You've brightened up a dark dreary drizzling day here in Dublin

  6. Beautiful block and wonderful story behind it. I love what you are doing and it sounds like something fun for all of us to try.


  7. You have made a beautiful block for a beautiful friend.

  8. Lovely block and a wonderful story. We love NZ too!

  9. Ooh, gorgeous block! I love the compass.

    What fun that you were able to host some of the youngsters. What a fun opportunity for both you and them! I'd love to be able to do something like that someday.