Saturday, July 4, 2015

Back to normal

Well, here is the picture I couldn't share yesterday.

Today my screen returned to its former configuration and I decided to give my camera another try.

It was nice and quiet basting here on the floor. No one came into the room to see what was going on.

If I do this again though, I will bring a needle threader. The lighting was not all that good and each time I put in a new thread I wasted a lot of time.

Today I decided to try in-the-ditch quilting. My concern was how it would look on the back if the top was not straight.

I began with my large hoop and quilted the two blocks in the center.

I plan to work my way out and think I can correct the wrinkles in the backing, as they are all around the edges ... by just removing the basting once it is in the hoop.

The stitching seems to be straight enough in lining up with the back blocks.

That is a big relief because I really find in-the-ditch quilting the easiest way to go.

It is getting warm and quite muggy so I don't think much will get done during the summer but it is nice having it all set to go when the spirit moves.

Meanwhile, I have begun working on my partnership block for the Tokyo Dome show.
There is a deadline for when it must reach NHK by the 31st of August. It won't take me that long but I hate waiting until the last minute. In that regard, I am my father's daughter.

And here are the cocoons.

Out of 50 eggs that came in the mail, 44 made it to this stage.
Two chose not to use an apartment  but spun in the corners. Some of these may still be spinning, making the cocoons stronger. For a while you can see them moving inside when the light comes through.

During summer, our church goes from two to one service, starting earlier than usual. That means choir practice will begin at 8:45 ... an early rise for me ... and I am not the only member living out in the boonies so I shouldn't complain. We will follow the service with a choir picnic. I hope the weather will cooperate but last prediction I heard was rain. My plants are very happy though, and the agapanthus  is blooming in two planters.


  1. It's been really interesting watching the silk worms Julie. Your quilt is lovely and I agree with you, you should be able to correct any little wrinkles as you quilt. It has poured buckets here for two days now. Water is standing everywhere and many of our Fourth events have been cancelled. Since our grandchildren have been here for several days I'm disappointed for them. blessings, marlene

  2. Your quilt, in full frame, is gorgeous, and the stitching will sort itself out as you travel from the centre. cocoons, this is so interesting .

  3. Your quilting looks great. But that's a lot of ditch quilting. Enjoy! Love to see moth soon!

  4. Your quilt is looking wonderful and I am pleased the stitching is working out well.
    The silkworms do look well and truly settled in to their high rise apartments.
    Hope the picnic went well.

  5. The quilting looks great. I know what you mean about quilting in the summer - I have two quilt basted and won't even think of starting the quilting on them - and it isn't usually hot here all summer.