Tuesday, July 14, 2015

more silkworm trivia

Yesterday I had an early start to my day.

I left before 7:am for a pre-school who had expressed some interest in interviewing me for a job. Though the interview was around noon, I wanted to have a look at the school and see how the classes were run. Luckily I was able to spend time during the morning in a class with kids and teachers. Two to four year olds have a lot of energy but they are fun to be with and the morning flew by.

I was able to get a more complete tour of the school after the interview. The building used to be apartments and my son-in-law was the architect who converted the space into class rooms and activity areas. Though space was small compared to other schools in the area, the space they did have was very efficiently used and well organized. The director held my SIL in high regard. I think it will be an interesting place to work on a part-time basis,

When I returned home in the afternoon, two of the silkworms had hatched out and were sitting on the side of their apartments. This morning, 14 more crept out of their cocoons. I had never in the past paid much attention to the schedule but it took from four to five weeks for caterpillar to cocoon and a little over two weeks for hatching to begin.

This morning, before I even came downstairs, the first two pairs had formed. These moths look well developed but are unable to fly.

More often they have stubby wings like the one in this picture

So far, there are only two pairs.
Those  others are sitting around waiting for a partner to hatch out.

Just like the caterpillars that patiently sit and wait for leaves to drop on their heads, the moths patiently sit and await a mate.

Though it is getting very hot and humid for sitting under a hoop, I have completed quilting 31 blocks.

Checking the back, I have not yet arrived at the problem areas but so far, what I had considered a possible problem of crooked quilt lines on the back side, seem to be not as expected. If this might be used as a reversible quilt, I worried about how the quilting would line up.

So far, so good.

We are enjoying another very hot sunny day but a typhoon is moving in from the south-east and should make changes by tonight. (hopefully with enough warning to run and shut windows).


  1. How exciting that you raise silk worms/moths. I would love to see that process and hear the worms munch away at the mulberry leaves.

  2. I didn't expect to see the moths this quickly. Great to see.
    Good luck with your quilting and the weather!

  3. Those silk moths sound SO interestingg. How exciting to have a project like that!

  4. That is so wonderful to see them make the silk and watch them come out of the cocoons.
    I am thinking of trying a quilt from the new magazine, prim quilts, it is an orange peel style and uses scraps, so I can make up blocks as I go and have a finished quilt someday.


  5. Part time job, where will you fit that into your busy life? Guess we can all make time for something we really want to do, as I have joined an online group to make a quilt... YES, me the great procrastinator of all time, and with so much to do in the next 10 days before we go to Wellington.. Friday deadlines to meet, so I am very motivated. Love the worms hatching, and lines look great on your quilt.

  6. That's so exciting to see Moth emerging. Did you manage to see it in action? You are getting a job! How exciting! I wouldn't fancy being with kids but should be fun :)

  7. Congratulations on the new part time job - it sounds perfect for you! blessings, marlene

  8. At last - the hatching - I've been enjoying the time with the silk worms. I'm still boggled by the idea of enough of them to make even one yard of silk fabric. Love the quilting - hope you get warning enough to close the windows before the rains starts. We are longing for rain here in WA state - we are dry and parched and have only had one rainstorm in 6 weeks - very unusual for here.

  9. how do you have time for a job!!!! ... good luck with the interview anyway x Those moths look big to me! lol

  10. Wonderful to see that the back is lined up so well. Do you have any tips for getting it so right?