Monday, September 18, 2017

The joys of getting old?

Today is a holiday, but it might be hard to know it.

When I took the train to work, it was slightly less crowded than usual but that is all relative as the seats were completely occupied by the youngest and fastest as usual ... and even though the "holiday" was Respect for the Aged Day, even the silver seats ... reserved for the old and handicapped were filled with young people staring at their devices, or reading comics or sleeping with ear-buds on.
I doubt any of them would even look up to see if their might be some senior standing in front of them.

It was the same coming home, except the silver seats were being used by families with elementary school age kids spreading all over. I think I saw one elderly gentleman sitting there trying to ignore the kids bouncing up and down next to him.

It was a long day and I came in tired and thinking ... what should I have for dinner? Then the phone rang and it was my neighbor wanting to deliver red rice from the neighborhood association to celebrate those old folks in the neighborhood.

This is what came in the package.

Rather pretty with a set of festive chopsticks.

And here it is ... packed in a thin wooden box.

Red rice is made using red beans and it is sprinkled on top with toasted sesame seeds.
It is eaten on festive occasions.
There is no way I can eat this much.

Maybe I could make rice balls for tomorrow's lunch ... or maybe share some with Nikko ...
After all, 14 is rather aged for a big dog.

And, while I am thinking about getting old,

How long has it been since you have seen an infant in a playpen.

In fact, I wonder if anyone today even knows what a playpen is.

Back in the days when my kids were small, it was the thing that kept them safe until they were big enough to know it would hurt falling from the top of the piano ...
or that they might get burned pulling the oven opened.

When I was folding and putting away the laundry this past week, this is what I found on the bottom of a storage drawer.

The last kid to use this playpen pad has big kids reaching for their teens.

Appliqued and embroidered with places for the toy cars and trains to run, it is plain to see that it got a lot of use ... probably made in the mid 60s when we got the folding wooden playpen. I remember also how nicely that item kept the toys all corralled. After spending many hours last week tidying and cleaning for guests, I am thinking that now I am the one who needs a playpen to keep my sewing stuff from spreading all over the house ... well if the house had more space, it would be something  called a "sewing room".
(and if I can't find a place to sit, it will be my own fault for piling things on the chairs.) Oh well, the holiday is almost over anyway.