Friday, September 8, 2017

More mola ?

Friday was my first Cub Pack meeting of the school year so I had to come up for a plan of a game the boys could do while the adults got organized.

I decided to make a getting-to-know-you BINGO game.
I haven't done that for many years so first I made a template for A4 paper and made six copies. Then made a list of 25 questions to learn about those in the room.

I put a place in the middle for the scout to sign his name and then arranged the questions differently on each form.

After filling in all the pages, I went to the convenience store and made ten copies of each sheet. Then I piled them up in a way that when handing them out, each had a better possibility of getting a variety of pages.

The rules were that each person could only sign once, and I told the boys to look carefully for harder questions and get those filled first. One was "someone who has climbed Mt Fuji" and I asked off hand who had done that and other than me there were three others in the room.
There were plenty of easy questions  like plays a sport or has a pet.
After going over the rules, I asked if there were any questions ... sure enough, my #1 questioner wanted to know if the scout had signed the center, could he also sign one other of the questions. Good point! If you come to the end and still don't have any bingos, sure, you can sign if the question suits you. One of the questions was someone who knows an Eagle Scout. There were adult Scouters there wearing the Eagle knot on their shirts so I was surprised that was a hard one.
In the end, one boy got 7 bongos on his sheet. There were  only a few boys who didn't get any.

Most of my day that wasn't taken up in preparation, was taken up by the meeting or travel. The long trip managed to finish up all but the body on my butterfly mola ... and that part got added this morning.
I am planning to add embroidery in the end. The more of this I do, the more I realize I am more of a patchwork kind of person.


  1. I am always amazed at how much you manage to fit into your days!! Great to see some stitching included.

  2. You are so clever with the games that you come up with for the scouts - they sound fun while still being a little challenging - a great combination. Your mola is coming along nicely! I know how you feel about the mola - the more Free-Motion Quilting I do, the more I realize that I am more of a patchwork kind of person, too - ;))

  3. I remember playing Kims Game with my Cub Scouts, a tray with 12-15 items on it, look at the tray for a few minutes, cover it and try to write down everything that was on the tray. At my age now, perhaps I need to play it for myself!! Beautiful Mola, simple yet so effective.

  4. I've done that game, many times, with different groups. I like piecing best, but, I try new things all the time.

  5. That butterfly is beautiful, but I understand your preference. And what a game for the boys to play - we adults should do that more often.

  6. The game sounds like fun. Did the boys like it? Do they win prizes for the Bingos or just get to be proud? And of course get to know each other. Funny how they aren't observant enough to notice there are Eagle Scouts there. Too nervous about the newness and self-absorbed I guess. I think your mola is going to be lovely. So interesting that you aren't enjoying it with all your creativeness.

  7. Love seeing your mola projects. The game sounds like fun...I may have to try this at a guild meeting.

  8. You really go all out to have fun projects and games for the boys, and I am sure they will treasure those moments with you.
    The butterfly is beautiful, happy colors.


  9. You have worked the butterfly fast and got a great result. Embroidery will beautify it even more.
    Those boys must love knowing you and your fun games!

  10. Hi Julie,
    I have been following the progress of your molas and Tanya's. I have just seen a You tube video posted from another site of a Colombian woman showing how she does her molas.
    I saw an exhibition of this kind of work in Zurich, Switzerland. It was fascinating.
    Sandy in the UK