Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Time flies !!!!

After about a month of rain followed by weeks of super heat and humidity, we had about two cool days.
Now it is hot and humid again and the plants seem to be confused.

Just Monday, on my way to school, I saw the buds of the spider lilies beginning to pop up.
Tuesday they were already open and declaring it is fall.

Meanwhile, the Autumnal equinox they are known to proclaim, won't be here until the 23rd.

I walked around to the east side of the house  and those were also in bloom.

Because of "set-back" the garden here is only six inches wide and the flower pots are there to keep neighbourhood cats from using the space as a litter box.

The lilies are coming up behind.

This morning they have been joined by the red ones.
Just as spring marches in one flowering plant at a time, autumn usually proceeds in a similar way ...
The gardenias second blooming, indicating nights becoming cooler, then the Higanbana (spider lilies), then the hototogisu or toad lily, and in mid to late October, the sweet olive (Kinmokusei and Ginmokusei ) perfuming the air.

I admit I look forward to autumn weather  (not the typhoons, but the cooler nights and blue skies.
I even noticed, looking out the third floor windows at school, that the leaves on the dogwoods lining the street are beginning to turn red. Last year's Goldenrod now has a house going up on the site and the pampas grasses are still thinking it is mid summer.

The mola grew a couple of flowers to keep the butterfly busy ... if he can find them through the labyrinth.

Friday ... and my quilt group is close on the heels ... it is a very small group but if I don't get busy quickly, there won't even be a place to sit ... nothing but dust and dog hair ... and to top it off, while I was gone on Monday, Nikko chewed up a bag of something. I lock her out of the livingroom but she found something ... maybe flower seeds in a baggy, and there was torn up plastic spread all over when I went up to bed that night and she had been having bowel troubles ever since and leaving messes here and there.
Time to set handwork aside and tackle the giant spoon that has stirred up my living quarters! I wish cleaning would go as fast as the flowers this year.


  1. Sorry, but cleaning will never go as fast as the flowers - the giant spoon stirs it all up much too quickly! Your mola looks great - maybe the butterfly could fold its wings and sneak in between the green and blue labyrinths to get to the flowers on the other side - ;))

  2. I so enjoy all the flowers you post. It seems like there are always flowers blooming around you. Glad to see things are going well with you.

  3. The mola is looking great! Glad my dogs don't chew things (usually). The big dog shreds stuffed animals, but, they are 'his' and super cheap from the thrift store, so, it keeps him from my stuff.

  4. Beautiful lilies. I have planted some also. Your mola looks wonderful.

  5. The flowers are beautiful, my fall ones are coming out and the others are re-blooming with the warmer weather and rain.
    Love the new additions to your moda, that is so beautiful. Bean is always eating something he shouldn't, at camp it was too much salt water, so he was going to the bathroom more than usual. We always give him a probiotic from the vet and that helps.


  6. I haven't seen any spider lilies yet. Is it still too hot in my part of town?
    Your Mola will be a show stopper! Butterflies in Tokyo Dome!

  7. The seasons are all mixed up. We are still waiting for the warmth of Spring to arrive. It is very late and the bulbs and blossoms are confused with the cold weather.
    Good luck with your clean up. We do tend to put those things off until the last minute when we have other priorities like sewing.
    The flowers are a lovely addition to your project.

  8. More beautiful flowers. I think that the weather and the seasons are a bit confused worldwide. Is it global warming? The Mola is looking better all the time.

  9. Oh beautiful flowers - lovely colors. I love the quilt - you are just so very clever. As for cleaning - I wish cleaning was as easy as messing things up. My housekeeper was here today (a most lovely young woman with four adorable children) and everything sparkles - so I guess cleaning up is actually easier than messing up - although I do have to de-clutter sometimes before she comes so she can actually clean. She also washed windows today - sparkle sparkle. Hope you have a great weekend my dear.