Monday, February 21, 2011

The quilting is done .or. many hands make light work!

Today the last stitches were put into the Auction quilt. Next week we will finish the binding and sleeve and hang it at the Early Learning Center so it can be enjoyed by all for a week before the "Gala" on March 12th.
Although many put their hands to the task of piecing and quilting, these smiling faces were on hand for the final stitches. They are also the reason I enjoy, so much, putting time and energy to this project each year. Each of the group has children in the school and is involved in many aspects of life in not only the school but the foreign community as a whole. This is the generation that will be running the world when I am too old and decrepit to make any difference at all. Rest assured, the world will be in good hands and I am very blessed to have known each and every one.
Soooo, stay tuned 'till next week for the last shot and guess what the final finish will be.


  1. This is such a GREAT accomplishment in all senses : talent, perseverance, friendship, generosity... Heartful congratulations !


  2. Julie it's so beautiful but beyond the beauty are the friendships they have built with each other and with you. It's only by coming together that they will be able to solve the problems we have created for them. :) blessings, marlene

  3. It's so beautiful and what a lovely bunch of ladies represented here. How wonderful it must be for you and for them to have had 'hands on' in making this quilt!

  4. Lovely quilt, and I especially like the little red inner border. Congratulations on meeting your deadline with the involvement of so many!

  5. It looks wonderful, what a huge accomplishment by all involved. How clever of the organiser. And what a relief it must be to have such a beautiful result. Congratulations.

  6. Julie I noted this quilt before in the making and it is super. I also admired the sampler quilt - I thought it was the best and I'm sorry I wasn't in time to vote. Runner up was I'm seeing red!
    Yes my cushions do get used!
    Mary aka Quayquilter Canterbury UK

  7. This is just magnificent. It will be a privileged winner who gets this at the auction! Your blog has been a great journal of the making of it.

  8. The quilt came together so nicely. Well done and great group photo.

  9. Thank you for visiting my blog.

    Your quilts and your blog are beautiful and I have enjoyed visiting. The dog coat was a special thing for my son and his wife who find homes for pets they have rescued from the pound.

  10. Julie, you must have sat back and breathed a sigh of relief at getting this one done. It's beautiful and you all put a lot of work in it! Congratulations on the finish.


  11. just beautiful!
    I hope it raises a lot of money , so nice to see a lot of ladies donating their time to a great cause. Amazing what we can do when we work together

  12. This is such a beautiful post---a beautiful tribute to the quilt AND to friendships.

    I was delighted that you had stopped by to 'visit' again on my last post. :) I try to add at least one new 'rental property' :D each Spring for the Bluebirds.