Saturday, February 5, 2011

six more done - three to go!

Some of these were easy to do but some were just plain fussy. Here are spatter dock with leaves and tendrils, Pines with snow ring,

wave - coin, waves,

Chinese bellflower, and cherry
Of the three left to do, one is quite easy, three whirls. The other two will have to be completely re-drawn. I think one is a wisteria and the other a wisteria butterfly.

I am beginning to hit my stride. Though I usually quilt about 8 to 9 stitches to the inch, that is not only impossible with this batting but would make the rest of the work to be done by our team look out of sinc. About 5 stitches to the inch is probably a better size and that is what I have been trying to attain although it is a bit harder in the fussy areas. Luckily the group will not use a hoop and will be stitching in-the-ditch for the most part. By the time we reach the border, everyone should be in stride.
I am hoping to finish the remaining blocks by Sunday night so I can take the quilt to school on Monday when I go to teach. That way, I can rest my fingers for Tuesday's meeting and can take a later (meaning less crowded) train.
There is a bit of a joke in finishing because everyone knows what a stubborn hard-headed type I am. When someone says I can't do something I work to prove them wrong. I had not thought about that until the end came in sight but one of the group said,"I'll bet you can never get those blocks quilted in a week", and laughed saying I just might get it done to prove her wrong.


  1. Five stitches to the inch is about my speed. :) I can't make small stitches but for the most part they are even and I'm happy with that. Your stitches are beautiful - and I understand completely about proving them wrong. That's me too. :) blessings, marlene

  2. Not only are they beautifully done but you are so fast! All that turning would slow me down. Are you one of those quilters that can quilt in every direction? I look at the women using a large frame in a quilting bee and can't imagine how they do it.

  3. Your quilting is great. The designs and your stitches are very beautiful.

  4. Amazing work, Mom!! I have no doubt you'll get it done, and hopefully have time to heal those fingers before getting back to the other projects!

  5. Wow! You are fast! It seems like you were just basting that and now the quilting is almost done. They are all beautiful motifs!

  6. Julie; Wow! Such awesome work you do! Just fasinating. Beautiful colors, too! I haven't even got the binding on my GFG quilt yet.... need to get that done, pronto.