Sunday, December 30, 2012

Finishing up and starting again

At the start of 2012 I chose "Priorities" as my focus word.

I have to admit it was a good choice and helped me through many decisions I had to make as to use of time and talents and resources.

Those who really know me, know how I hate doing anything at the last minute. I can do "plan A","plan B", and even plans C, and D, but all need to have some end in sight.

I guess that is one of the reasons I really have no UFOs. I do have something like my blue runner waiting in the wings and I do have some ideas in my sketchbook to try out. (actually quite a few things I would like to try after seeing them on other blogs)

The Woman's Conference is the last weekend in January so the gift for the speaker is finished.

The kanji reading top to bottom, right to left, is Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. I sorted through my fabric bits to find two inch blocks that represent those seasons. The outlines of the kanji are quilted with glittery thread. (I always say, when that spool is gone, I am not getting more ... it is so hard to use)!

The lettering is quilted in light blue. Those letters are just 2cm. high and I had to split the verse to fit it all in without too much crowding.

Can you read it? I didn't want it too bright.

I will add a sleeve in case the speaker wishes to use it as a wall hanging. Since our house is short of wall space, I tend to make table runners rather than hangings.

The finished size is just over 22 x 34 inches if I count the binding.

When I took it out in the sun for a photo, I saw there is a lot of dog hair yet to be removed.

And while I am finishing up the year, I am enjoying the lovely songs of our newest family member.

"Piper" is a pied canary and was a Christmas gift from my husband.

My daughter thought it a rather poor name as the pied piper lured away the children in the tale. Well, he also lured the rats and I am a rat-year person and I probably would have followed along with the children.
Then, since I play the bagpipes, I am a piper too.

What a wonderful way to end and begin a year with song!
Warmest wishes to you all in the coming year.


  1. I love how the lettering looks on your piece, it is really beautiful.
    I also love your gift, what a beautiful bird.


  2. Julie, your "seasons" wall hanging is so beautiful, the words, the chosen shades, the stitches, golden thread,A true labour of love, as I know how hard the metallic thread is to use. And a bird, super gift,his/her song will thrill you so much. Happy New Year Greetings to you, all your family, good health, happiness, family time together, and more for you, to end the year, and continue all of 2013. From Jean, with much fondness.

  3. What a beautiful wall hanging and such a pleasure to look at ... for the eye and the spirit.

    And a "pied canary"?! Who knew??!!

  4. Hope the New year is full of many songs xx Best wishes to you and your family xx

  5. You play the bagpipes?!!! Julie, I don't think you will ever cease to amaze me with your talents, your activities, the lives you have had and the lives you have now. Here's hoping 2013 is stuffed with new priorities for you!

  6. The lettering is perfect Julie. Years ago I embroidered some beautiful red hearts on cream fabric background. Words were then stitched in cream so they are only visible if you look hard. It was from an Alex Anderson book called Shadow Embroidery - or something similar. I love the way it turned out and your light blue lettering reminds me of that. Your new bird is beautiful and I know he/she's going to entertain you for a very long time! blessings, marlene

  7. Julie - I agree with everyone else - the lettering is perfect - the wallhanging is beautiful - and "Piper" is a wonderful addition to your family. May you and your family have a Very Happy New Year! - ;))

  8. Akemashite Omeditoo, Ju-ri san! Have you chosen your focus word for the new year? Be careful when you eat your Zoni. Have some mochi with...Oh rats, I can't think of the stuff I like on it! Much love in 2013!

  9. I admire your lack of UFO's though can't emulate you. I think it's partly a group thing which involves me in certain projects I wouldn't otherwise have started. Tickled by your piping - no end to your talents!
    I'm sure the speaker will be delighted by your gift.

  10. I love the piece you made and the lettering is perfect! Just visible. What a sweet addition to your household Piper is. And thank you for the little insights into you - you play the bagpipes? Wow! I am a dragon. Wish I knew more about the eastern zodiac. Happy New Year Julie.

  11. I didn't know that you play the bag pipes. How talented you are. I can read the writing. Nice work, and tiny, too.

  12. Piper is really pretty! What a wonderful addition to the family. :)

  13. Hello Julie,

    Piper is so beautiful!! The quilt and the letters are perfect!!

    Say Hello To Piper and Nikko!!

    hugs, Sandra xx

  14. Julie, The quilt is wonderful; what a clever theme and beautiful execution. Also, you must be the only person on the planet with no UFOs. We are in awe of your focus, organization, and quilting skills! :-) We hope you have a very happy, healthy and productive New Year!

  15. Glad to meet you Piper! We were admiring some cute birds today when we went to buy animal food... But no... it would be too cruel to try to blend a bird into our family! I'll enjoy Piper from afar!

  16. I didn't know you played the bagpipes - how fun!