Sunday, December 23, 2012

Under the trees, a bed!

Merry Christmas!

I saw Christmas trees on a number of blogs and thought about this quilt I made long ago.

I have no digital pictures so I thought this might be a good time to get a few.

Wrong! It is very very gusty out and it would take many more strong clips to hold this quilt to the chain-link fence!

"Sunny Glade" was finished back in December of 1990.

I had seen a small hanging in a local craft store of Christmas trees and made a sketch. I drafted a seven inch block and used many scrappy fabrics. I had no plan for the blocks but I was not really interested in making something for Christmas. I had to play around with the blocks to  get them organized into a quilt. The backing is turned to the front instead of binding.

I think this quilt was the one that started me keeping a quilt diary. It was also about this time that I joined a group of quilters. I have loved that group and learned much from the members. Sadly, there are few of us left as some move away and others can't get along. The remaining five, though make the occasional gathering a joy.

Our only real bed is up in the loft but space is at a premium so no over-all view. At least the wind was not carrying it off.

The little paper-pieced quilt on the window is used to keep the sun from fading the quilts.

There are a couple of Christmas trees on the quilt. My computer allows me to turn them in my file but for some reason, won't move them standing upright.

I think that tree is tired from the blustery trip to the park and just thinking about all that needs to be done before tomorrow.

Blessings to you all throughout this holiday season.


  1. That is a beautiful quilt and love the colors you used.
    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and many blessings in the coming year.


  2. Julie, a lovely quilt, and no better place to be, and the window quilt, lovely. Blessings to you and yours, have a safe and happy christmas, fond greetings from Jean and Hugh

  3. I love your quilt! It has a heritage look to it. And I love your little paper pieced quilt on the window. Great way to keep the sun out.

  4. I love your trees, that's such a happy quilt! I was going to ask about the quilt in the window, it looks like stained glass - very nice.

    Have a wonderful and safe Christmas :o)

  5. Merry Cristmas and a Happy New Tear, and you'll sleep soundly under such a beautiful quilt.
    Hugs Tiny

  6. I love all the trees and the colors are just so warm and cozy looking. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  7. A cheery quilt to cuddle under to stay warm in winter, beautiful. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year, Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu!

  8. Hi Julie! The trees quilt are the most beautiful and must be a happiness to go to bed or even enter in the bedroom with it.

    Wish you Merry Christmas with your family filled with peace and joy!!

    HOHOHO... Greetings from Brazil!!

    S@ndr@ xxx

  9. Merry Christmas Julie! The tree quilt is not only lovely, it is full of fond memories. It is the best kind of quilt to cherish.

  10. This is a lovely quilt. The tree blocks are great and the colours are bright and cheerful!

  11. Hey, this is really neat. :) (yeah, I get mysteriously spinning photos very often in blogging - the only way I've found to fix that is to open the file in Paint and resave it as a png. Then it'll stay the right way up when I upload it to my blog. kinda a pain)

  12. Oh, how I would love to come snuggle under that cheerful quilt and gaze upon that lovely window quilt!