Monday, February 4, 2013

Tokyo Dome Quilt Show - part 4

Traditional quilts

The "traditional" quilts were truly amazing. They were also very creative and all but three were hand-quilted.

Perhaps the very word, "traditional" speaks to the Japanese as "old style" and that may mean by hand. 

Certainly, quilters living here are as challenged as I am for space and I doubt many have a "sewing room" or any room that could be dedicated to the making of quilts.

I can picture them sitting on tatami, a quilt spread over their lap as they work.
                                                                  By Matsumura Akiko

                                                                    by Junko Niwa

                           "Sweet Fifteen" by Miyuki Hamba.    This is all made of tiny hexagons!

by Sumiya?  (or could be Sumitani)

This Baltimore Album quilt is all done in Japanese taupes by Suzuki.

The most incredible part of this quilt is in the quilting.

This is a detail. All hand done by Tanaka.

"Rose Bouquet to You" by Tamai.

White on White by Origata.
This was one of only three machine quilted pieces in this category.

This, too was quilted by machine. 
Sorry but even looking at the kanji, my husband was unable to figure out how the name might be in Romanji.

Another compas quilt entitled "Blue Jade" by Nagatani.

Junior Category 

I only took one picture of these quilts. This one was made by Higashi Fukuzawa Middle School.

This is called "Apples Tree"  Each apple was done by a different girl and they are all quite cleaver. The tree trunk is in brown wood-like fabrics and there is a caterpillar along the bottom edge.

I happened to run into the teacher of the girls who made this quilt.
She (on the left) is from Yokohama, and was with her teacher (on the right) who lives in Okinawa.

I still have enough for one more post. 
Meanwhile, check out my friend Cynthia's blog. A Quilter by Night . She,also made two trips and got many good pictures that I missed.


  1. I love the pictures, I was wondering if I could add the picture of the hexagon quilt to my Pinterest?

  2. I think I met that Okinawa sensei once at the Dome. The number and variety of quilts is becoming overwhelming even from this distance!

  3. Thank you very much Julie for these wonderful reports about Toky├┤ Festival.
    I am a new follower of your blog that I read with great pleasure.
    I wish you a nice week,

  4. Gorgeous quilts. I can never imagine myself making a quilt so complex. Those are seriously talented quilters. Thanks for sharing.

  5. The quilts are amazing and amazing quilting as well.
    That is fun that they have a junior section and wonderful quilts from kids.


  6. Oh its the first Tokyo Dome Quilt Show I haven't attended in years!!! Thanks for the snaps to make me feel like I was there! Tam xxx

  7. Beautiful quilts! (Especially the cat one!) I noticed that you are a member of the Starwood "Persian Pickle" RAL. If you need a copy of the book, let me know, I have an extra one & will send it to you (free).

  8. Oh my goodness, they just keep getting better and better. Beautiful photos. Thank you for the inspiration.

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