Friday, February 1, 2013

Tokyo Dome quilt show - part 2

Sensei's quilts 

In the middle section of the display are quilts made by a number of featured teachers. This was the only section where quilter's names were were written in "romaji" or Roman letters. Some of the titles were also written in English  (and others I have translated the best I could).

The first I searched out was made by Yasuko Kuraishi who has been a member of my international quilt group for many years.

It is called "Country Road, Sketches of Country Journey"

It seems each section of the display had a different theme.

This quilt called "Encouragement for Travels" was made by Yoko Sekita.

Looking closely at the appliqued characters in the center is very entertaining. In the right front there is Little
Red Riding Hood holding the wolf.

This is a detail of a cat quilt made by Naoko Suzuki.

I believe she made a cat quilt last year too. As in that one, this is all fused and sewed over all by machine.

I couldn't get far enough away for a full view because of the crowd at the time I went first.

Colored Autumn
By Chinami Terai

I like the effect of these appliqued autumn leaves.

Again, only a section,
this is "Restart" by Chiyo Hosokawa.

I believe she also did something similar last year. Kind of a Hawaiian style applique of rather intricate designs, this looking like a wave design and people on surfboards.

Flower Garden in Early Summer, by Keiko Miyauchi.

Look at all that detailed applique

and the trapunto in the green areas. All hand done.

Detail of a quilt by Naoko Hayashi.

It seems one of the sensei categories was flowers.

This is another detail ... Didn't get close enough to get the name.

This is another detail.
I believe, "To Keep On" by Naoko Takeshita.

and another detail
by ???

Even the outer walls/partitions held quilts.

 These camellias were made by Ms Takeyama.

Another theme seemed to be circles.

This is Alphabet of Circle  by Kumiko Fujita.

I have made many alphabet quilts over the years but never one with letters like these. Very cleaver.

Emiko Toda Loeb always makes two-sided quilts.

This is named "Roundness" and has been specially hung so both sides can be viewed.

Floating in the Wind, by Mitsuyo Akita

There was a section for framed quilts and one for hand bags.

There may have been quilted clothing too.

Maybe another viewer will have pictures of those.
They seemed to be quite popular judging from the crowds viewing them.

Nearly every Japanese quilt magazine I have seen includes instructions for making bags.

More is yet to come. I hope your feet are less tired than mine were at this point in the show.


  1. So much work, fine detail, perfect stitching, my favourite? Floating in the wind. More to come? No wonder you had tired feet. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful occasion with us. Greetings from Jean

  2. Oh my goodness, such gorgeous work! Thank you for posting it, Julie!

  3. Oh dear, I'm not happy with the way some of the quilts are hung. What does that say about me? Thanks for posting Kuraishi sensei's quilt. I was really intrigued with the sashing around the blocks. I thought the theme was something about journeys. Still really jealous.

  4. The quilts are amazing, love the creativity and use of fabrics in the art pieces and the cat quilt is so fun.


  5. I think my favorite is the camellias quilt. Thanks so much for sharing all of the photos!

  6. Thank you for sharing these quilts

  7. There are sure a lot of beautiful quilts to look at!

  8. Wow, what an interesting collection! The applique work is amazing. I really like the quilt by Chiyo Hosogawa; also the taupe floral quilt. I am curious about the log cabin quilt by Emiko: how tiny are those strips?

  9. I can't tell you how much I appreciate you sharing these pictures with us I know I will be looking at them for the next few days.
    I am always in awe at the workmanship of quilts coming from this show
    I am so happy for you that you got to go and see these quilts in person.