Thursday, January 31, 2013

"Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival" 2013

Tokyo Dome show - Overview
The Tokyo Dome is really a baseball stadium most of the year. You enter from the upper gallery, walking down through the bleachers.

(And, at the end, walking back up all those stairs).

The quilts are displayed front and center, with the "quilt market surrounding on three sides.

Over the years I have discovered that the best viewing time is toward the end of the show and toward the end of the day.

Surrounding the display area are the group quilts. (called "Partnership Quilts").

These are made by different groups with a theme, each block by one quilter. The names of the contributors are posted on the wall next to each quilt.

Not sure what theme this was....

very coordinated...

And one more with a lot of detail applique.

The shops have plenty to tempt the quilters and to meet those friends you only see once or twice a year. 

Mary Cesar comes all the way from Hawaii and can be found at "B-30" every year.

This is the second year she is marketing her basting glue, perfect for holding Hawaiian applique in place with only a few touches, and washes out completely.

In the center behind the competition quilts, was an area occupied by about 8 well-known quilters.

This area had the work of Keiko Goke.

Some were manned by their "deshi" or disciples, and at some, the featured quilter was meeting with crowds of fans and engaged in demonstrations.

Kathy Nakajima is seldom in her display area but most often found in her shop, signing books for her loyal following.

She has her own line of fabrics. 

She has out many quilt magazines and videos demonstrating making bags and Hawaiian applique. 
I honestly don't know when she finds time to do all  the quilting.

Most of the areas allowed photographs.
(That is better than other years)

One area that did not, was the special exhibit,  
"Tales of Two Ladies", an exhibit of Tasha Tudor and Lucy Boston.

I have made two quilts inspired by a quilt made by Lucy Boston that I saw many years ago in a British Fair.

I was happy to see that quilt again. It as made up of elongated hexagons and I had drawn them in a sketch book years ago and drafted the pattern. I was interested to see after all the passing years, she had made her hexagons a much larger size. Maybe I need to re-visit my drawing with a larger scale in mind.  

 Yes, there is is, behind the ladies on the right.

Inspiration for "Star Crossed"  and "Double Crossed" and maybe another try???
It was nice to see in again!

Well, this was not taken in the exhibit but through the window with a zoom lens. Love it!

There was a lot to see here ... and if you are a shopper, a lot to buy.
Makers of machines had areas set up for demonstrating and trying.
Clover has tons of products, as do other manufacturers that cater to quilters. I took my karisma pencil that was having problems holding the white lead back to the booth and the gentleman kindly scouted out the cause of the problem and showed me how to fix it, should it occur again. (and I didn't have to buy anything)!

More to follow.... (Much more)!


  1. I loved seeing the quilts and can't wait to see more. Wish we could get the japanese quilt books here, love yoko saito and other quilters who do work like hers.


  2. So jealous. Sensei said she's sending me a show book. Still jealous. ;-)

  3. Thank you for sharing and I cannot wait to see what follows. I have been following along on a few other blogs of all the photos. The perspective from each one is totally different and fun to see. I have quite a few Japanese Quilt books and only wish that my husband would take an interest in translating them for me. One day I will just use the patterns and take the plunge...on an easy one that is!
    Thanks again for sharing!

  4. Oh my goodness all of these quilts, and the quilts in #2 photos are just beautiful. I do so wish I could have been there in person to get a closer view of them. They are delightful quilts!!

  5. Love all the pictures .......... all I can say is I want to get up close and personal with them. Your last photo that inspired "Star Crossed" looks like it's Lucy Boston's Patchwork of the Crosses. The only reason I mention this is because another blogger that I follow is hand piecing the Lucy Boston pattern. Thanks for the eye candy.

  6. Oh my gosh! I want to be there. What a thrill that whole show must be. I don't need to tell you to ENJOY!

  7. Each year I wait with much anticipation for pictures to pop up on blogs and flickr of the Tokyo quilt festival. Someday I hope to be able to experience all that incredibleness in person, but until then thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures. And for Robin's comment above there is a book available on Amazon called just that 'Lucy Boston: Patchwork of the Crosses' by Linda Franz along with pattern templates available on Inklingo.

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