Monday, January 28, 2013

Way too busy

It was a long weekend, beginning on Thursday morning. There were many things to get done before the Conference began.

I was not the brains of the committee but the person who helps with the tasks,driving, setting up the labyrinth, preparing the name tags, moving tables, hanging banners, setting up flowers and candles, etc. Thursday night I slept very well.

Friday, after lunch, the participants began to arrive and everything picked up steam. It was such fun to see old friends and make new ones.  The sign-up sheet for my workshop began to fill up and then overflow. I couldn't believe how many people wanted to try their hand at making that small quilted piece. All Friday night, my brain kept racing in circles as to how I could manage all those participants. I honestly wonder if I even slept at all.

The workshop went well enough. Many met with me in open time for extra help and a number actually finished. Very few had any sewing skills at all. Looking back, I wonder if I could have done something even more simple. I will have to study up on that. One hour is really short!

The conference itself was one of the best I have attended. The first timers mixed in well and many new friendships were formed. Sunday we reversed Thursday's activities, tying up loose ends, trying to fold up the labyrinth and get it back into the bags ... no easy task...taking down banners, loading up the car, and driving home in weekend rush-hour. We stopped to admire a beautiful view of Mt Fuji. I took my camera but not one picture!

Today's early rise into a freezing morning was for onigiri delivery. We returned home by 6:am and I went back up to my greenhouse to finish my sleep.

What did I see out me windows, but snow! Already coating the neighbor's roof. I'm glad it waited until I was back home.

By 9:am, though, It had stopped and the sun was making its way out .

Good thing too!

One of my Scout parents came by bringing thousands of packaged sweets to donate to the homeless. I'm sure they will be welcome in this cold weather.
My husband took her to my car parking lot to load the boxes into my van.
(Paul is in charge of the homeless ministry and will make sure they are used)


My in-box contained a message from the school that the girls want to learn how to quilt too. I had to hustle to prepare something for the class.

My husband rose to the occasion and made up a vocabulary list with some explanations in Japanese, and I gathered together some ideas for them ... I didn't really think they would want to make pot holders.

Four days away ... class prep ... bird cage needing cleaning big time ... (Piper must be the world's most messy bird, tossing apple and carrot bits against the window and on to the bureau). (Only to be exceeded by four days of dog hair on the floor).

There on the outside was a Brown-eared Bulbul wondering if he was getting fed too. Sorry fella, that orange juice is a bit old and diluted with melting snow.

Fine, I'll make it do.

Those nails sticking up through the board beside him usually have some fruit ... apples or orange halves.

Maybe tomorrow I will have some time. The feeders are all empty too.

The sky was beautiful as I left the campus. The girls were excited. Next week will come all too soon.

Meanwhile I have tickets for the Tokyo Dome quilt show.

There are only two days left.

Tomorrow morning I have to face the carp. at least they are together and there will be hands to help.

I hope I can get in at least half a day to visit the show. Then I can see the rest on Wednesday. I wonder why I was expecting things to slow down a bit when I got older.

Where did that day go, anyway???


  1. Julie, you have been one busy lady.

  2. You do keep busy with wonderful projects and with helping others.
    I love how the fish sit on the piece.


  3. You aren't kidding about being busy! Wow! I'm tired just listening to a run down of your activities.

    Your koi are gorgeous! I love that one on the bottom right.

    I knew your workshop would go well. :) Congrats on getting through it and being so popular!

    Is there any chance you'd be willing to share the vocab list? :) I've been trying to put together one of my own but the dictionary I use ( isn't much help. It says that none of the words I've been looking up are common usage so I have no idea if I'm on the right path.

  4. I LOVE your little fish! Also, I really wish I could go to the Tokyo show with you...

  5. You are one busy lady! I LOVE the carp quilt, you could not have chosen a better background for them to rest on. Isn't it wonderful to see a major project finished?

  6. I love the fish project. Glad your workshop went so well. And then you get to go to the Tokyo Quilt Show. You have such an exciting life.

  7. Stunning! I love the look of those koi over the Japanese indigo fabrics.

  8. It almost sounds like you are running a marathon. Good luck with all that you are doing.
    It is great that so many new quilters wanted to try your project at the conference.

  9. I suppose it is too late to suggest that a dark blue rather than black background for the fishies would make them look more swimmy and less, um, landed? They are very elegant though. And thinking about it, the river in Kamakura that they swim in is kind of that background colour! :-)

    I'm not as tough as you, and decided today it had to stop, so I'm at home to get my sore throat better (and doing a little on the WoCon accounts! The finance work carries on for a while after the conference ends... ).

    Pity you didn't take photos, Julie! My camera is brilliant, especially my the one that basically works in the dark(!), but images from other peoples' points of view are very important, and delightful...

  10. The fish look fantastic, almost as if they are swimming over the surface of the quilt, if that was your intention then you have achieved it already. Your design worked beautifully.

  11. Wow! You HAVE been busy! You make my head spin. The quilt turned out beautifully!

  12. My goodness Julie, you are a whirlwind! I love the carp - gorgeous against the blue. I so hope you make it to the quilt show - for you and for me too when you share some pics.

  13. The quilt looks amazing! Those fish look real and very three dimensional

  14. It really should be called the Julie Fukuda ASIJ quilt!!!!

  15. Hi Julie, I loooove the carpas very much! They are WONDERFUL! The blue bird is very sweet.