Monday, January 21, 2013

Wrestling with a giant fish

I think I know how Jonah felt after wrestling most of the day with this big carp.

The fins and tail will get embroidery or quilting in black. The eyes on both fish will be black with a white margin.

I brought home some fabric scraps for the eyes but forgot to pick up stabilizer.

Tomorrow our group meets again. The golden carp is left to be assembled.

My other project for the week has been preparing for a class at the Women's Conference this weekend.

My class is, "When life gives you scraps, make quilts".

The theme for this year's conference is "Treasuring Our Gifts".The aim is to enable each of us to recognize our God-given gifts and to identify how we can better use and expand those gifts to glorify God and increase our joy.

I have been thinking how I can teach something in a one hour workshop that will be a learning experience and leave the participants with a small reminder.

Well, I cut squares from solid color fabric and triangles from different prints, a nine inch piece of batting and a ten inch piece of backing. The plan is to teach the process of sewing (by hand) the four triangles to the square. Then marking the center with a quilt design, baste top to batting and backing, quilt in the ditch, then quilt the small center design and turn the backing to make a binding.

The result could be a mug-rug or hot pad.

I am not sure how much learners can do in the given time but I can leave the materials out for finishing later.

I prepared 20 kits but I don't think there will be that many people who want to try the class so there will be a choice of colors and fabrics. One of my quilting friends thought what I can do in half an hour will probably take a lot longer for someone new to do. I haven't had anyone to try this out on yet, so will just go as prepared as I can and then fly blind.

I marked and cut the pieces from my plentiful stash and hardly made a dent. I still have to print out a selection of simple quilt patterns for the members to trace. I am also toying with the idea of making up felt pieces with needle and pins for each kit.

I have bought my ticket for the Tokyo Dome quilt show which begins on Thursday this week. Since the first few days are always jam-packed, I don't mind that I will have to wait until next week to go. I am also looking forward to meeting a few quilting friends in the coming weeks.

Tomorrow's weather report is more snow. That should add to the fun!


  1. I am amazed at all you do, Julie. AND it seems like excitement follows you wherever you go. How I'd love to live close to you just to soak up your enthusiasm and sunshine.

  2. Another wonderful project. I want to do something with fish, probably more on the folk art side, but fun to do them in different fabrics and prints.


  3. Glad the fish didn't swallow you!

  4. I love your class idea and I'm so jealous about the quilt show! I want to attend that show someday!

  5. Hi Julie
    I am sorry I didn't notice the message on my phone until I was turning off the light to go to sleep. I didn't have a pen to jot down your phone numbers, but I did try your cell ( no answer). The ladies I am with have made a plan for today, so I will tag along. Is it possible to meet up tomorrow (Wed). PLEASE call again!

  6. You are super busy again! The fish looks great. How big is it? Lucky you getting to go to the quilt show. I remember you showed lots of wonderful quilts last year.

  7. That sounds like a gorgeous design for the ASIJ auction. I'm glad it is you wrestling with the carp as it sounds challenging but no one is better equipped! Thanks for sharing the work-in-progress !

  8. I'm glad it's not me wrestling with that fish! My mom has made hundreds of potholders from her stash, and she gives them away. Everyone has ugly, burnt potholders and is always thrilled to receive a new clean one.

  9. That's a pretty koi! Nicely done!

  10. You always have wonderful ideas. Show us the finished projects when done. The fish looks great.

  11. Tickled by your use the word "wrestling" which is included in my blog title today - perhaps because I had registered it under your heading in my sidebar. I find myself surprised by how long beginners can take though there are always one or two who race ahead. I'm sure an hour will be enough for them to tackle your project and perhaps finish it in spare moments at the Conference.
    Lovethat carp!

  12. I would like to go to your class! The carp and the squares are lovely!!!


  13. Wow, Julie. That fish is amazing!

  14. The carp looks great! Gosh, that is quite a challenge to teach a one-hour class and have them learn enough to keep quilting. I think you picked the perfect project!

  15. Your fish look wonderful. What a great idea to use the pretty orange Japanese silk! Good luck with your class!