Monday, January 14, 2013

Good day for quilting, but.....

Monday mornings we leave home at 4:am to deliver rice balls to the homeless. 

Today it was dark and raining lightly when we left the house with Nikko and walked to our car, parked under the railway at the end of  many short blocks.

Probably, because it was raining more heavily in town and quite cold, there was a larger gathering of homeless around the station where we deliver. We had just enough packs to go around.

It was around 6:am or so when we returned and I went back to my bed to warm up and catch a few more Zs.

When I got up again, the rain had turned to snow. I had an errand to run in town and my daughter was expected in the afternoon so I set out in the very wet and slippery snow. My footprints were the only ones going down our street as today is "Coming of Age Day" and a national holiday.

Upon returning to my end-of-the-line-station from my trip to town, the platform and gates were crammed with young girls, all dolled up in their finest Kimono, hair and make-up just so, on their way to some big event at the amusement park to celebrate their adulthood. Oh, there were young men too but they were in suits and wearing shoes. The kimono-clad girls were wearing Japanese tabi and fancy zori and were about to go through the train gates into what was then, ankle-deep wet snow!

Too bad I didn't have my camera. Those kimono are the finest and many are rented for the occasion. The weatherman certainly had not cooperated.

I grabbed my camera and Nikko and I stepped out to look at the wintery scene.  My first footprints were all filled in.

The persimmon tree in the park was decorated with snow.

There was one set of footprints going across the park path.

The Keyaki tree at the far end  was like lace and the broad-leaf evergreens were heavy with snow.

The Ginkgo trees are always well pruned so they can take the snow quite well.

 The Cryptomeria, however, was bowing low.

You can barely make out the apartment building through the falling snow.

Nikko loves the snow so I just dropped her leash and let her run.

She dashed in big figure eights and round and round the park until she had her fill.

What a pity that no dogs are allowed in the parks in our ward. She had a great time and no one was there to complain.

We went around and knocked the snow off of the Evergreen oaks, but were too late for a few.

The snow was just too heavy for this tree and several of the limbs had been torn off.

Tokyo doesn't get snow very often, perhaps only once or twice in a winter, and usually it is very wet and heavy. Often it is gone within a day or two.

(Not a whole lot like Cleveland, where I grew up) The public is not really prepared for snow here. Driving is soon a mess. Shovels for removal are not common and this is a bit heavy and wet for brooms.

A couple of kids down the block knew what to do with snow.

And Leia arrived in time to decorate the front of our gate with a snow-bunny.

We had a great visit and a yummy meal that Paul had prepared while I was out. 

Now the house is quiet again. Nikko is curled up in a ball at the foot of the chair, Gloves and hats and jackets are hanging up to dry, I can hear the drip drip drip from the overflowing gutters so I suppose the snow has turned into rain, and another few blocks on my big quilt are about to get some stitches.


  1. Brrrrr the only ones who enjoy the snow are the young and the furry ... and they want a warm fire in a short while xx Keep safe and warm ... I dont like snow! lol x

  2. I'm cold just looking at your wonderful photos Julie. We don't get snow much here in Ireland but when we do we are not able to cope with it.

  3. Hi. Lovely photos. I loved the one with the little girl and her snowman:-) cold here to day - 28 below zerro. But beautifull sunny day...
    Have a great day. Hugs:-)

  4. I do enjoy reading your posts about the events in your area. You paint such a wonderful picture and explain so well the various customs and rituals of the country. Your photos are lovely. I am always impressed with how pretty the snow makes everything look. (At the moment it is very hot here and all I have in the yard is browned off grass.) Nikko looks like she had the best time in the park.No wonder she is sleeping well now. What fun Leia must have had building snow bunnies.
    Do you deliver the rice balls every Monday, or are you rostered on with others and take turns on Mondays? And do you have to make or supply the rice balls yourself? I can imagine that in this weather they are very much appreciated.

  5. Wow! Snow. It's 39 degrees today in Texas and I'm whining about that. Looks like you and Niki really celebrated your snow. I don't need to tell you to enjoy since you really know how to enjoy yourself, no matter the weather. Yes, it's definitlely a good day to sew.

  6. Julie, a really good day to be inside, do you have big warm boots to wear in your winter? I'm sure Nikko loved the games he played, and after such an early start, would be so good to warm up inside again. Cheers from Jean

  7. That is wonderful that you help the homeless and can give them a little warmth to fill their bellies and souls.
    The snow looks beautiful and fun that you could enjoy it with your family.


  8. Refreshing and beautiful to see Tokyo covered in white. I'm sure the streets were very quiet that day. Looks like fun for all!

  9. What a delightful post! I loved taking that walk with you and Nikko. Enjoyed hearing about the weather in Tokyo.

  10. I absolutely ADORE snow, I guess the reason is I was born in December, so I'm a winter girl ;>) Give me a good, dry freeze, with a little winter sunshine + snow and I'm in Heaven ! I just love thick, warm jackets, boots, wool scarves, mittens... not that I don't like summer, but I do feel much more unease with high temperatures.
    And guess what ? It's snowing here, too! Yeppppeeee ;>)


  11. I love your snow photos! It is unseasonably warm here in New York today-- it has been foggy--but I hope we get some snow here too soon.

  12. Joining Texas and New York with warm temps here in Florida. The high has been in the low 80's most days for a week. I did laundry and hung my delicates out to dry. Hopefully we'll have a colder February. Have to kill off the fleas and the germs the snowbirds bring with them. Nice thing about Tokyo snow is that it's temporary! Much love.

  13. Hi Julie,

    Akemashite Omedetou! Any news on the ASIJ quilt this year???

    Can't believe it is so freezing when we are sizzling here! Tammy xxx

  14. It's 23 degrees F here, and we're expecting snow any minute. I loved reading about your snowy day! Our grandpuppy loves snow as much as Nikko does. Susan

  15. Lovely photos! I love the snow. Nikko looks so happy and free.

  16. Great photos of your winter wonderland! Nikko looks so happy! I love watching our pets run around in crazy circles. Your granddaughter looks like she was enjoying the snow as well.

  17. Lovely post Julie - and pictures too. We got an 8" snow here Christmas evening, very unusual for Arkansas, and then about an inch early this week. We too are unprepared for it as a town and state but personally Jerry and I are fine. blessings, marlene

  18. Very interesting post, Julie. I never realized it snowed where you are...Lovely picture of your g-daughter!