Thursday, April 18, 2013

Followers become stars

Well, I have a ton more respect for Cynthia since trying my hand at sashiko. Perhaps I should go to her for a few lessons.

I have to admit that four inches is a bit small for all these stitch patterns. One strand of embroidery floss was a too fine so I went with a  number 16 silk thread that comes wrapped on a card.
Perhaps I would have done better to use quilting thread and a finer needle.

There were lots of patterns I wanted to try but they were difficult to draft in such a small size.

I also began adding the points to some of the blocks.

I tried adding some designs in the star points but I am not sure any of what I drafted will be added.

A fan shape fit but was too small to make it work.

A dragonfly might work and I gave up on the linked plovers and the wave design.

I may just call it quits while I am ahead. If you want to see really lovely sashiko, check out Cynthia's blog.

I have to add that Cynthia is a personal friend, living here in Tokyo. She has helped greatly with two of the ASIJ auction quilts.

I hope the blessing that is her friendship will continue even after she returns to the States.

Here are a few more points I have added to turn my followers into stars.

Linda loves blue and yellow

Cheryl gets another teapot and  more color.

My left-handed guru gets a bit more Japanese fabric

And, Susan 's has a bit more of the print used in the lucky block.

The other three finished blocks are still in the thinking process. Even with the size having moved from four inches to eight, this will never be enough for a quilt, so I will move on down my list.I think there are a few more followers out there who have not let me know what they would like on their blocks......


  1. Julie, the sashiko is lovely, suits the block so well.The other blocks are super, and I wonder, do your fingers ever get sore after all those tiny stitches? Greetings from Jean.

  2. Wow Julie it's beautiful and I'm honored to be included! Sashiko is one thing but miniature sashiko like this is really something!! I love seeing the progress of these stars - you are really a people-connector and we are all better for knowing you!

  3. I fully agree with Cynthia! We have gained so much from meeting you - online or in person - and the effort and attention to detail you have put into each of the Followers' blocks is inspirational.
    The sashiko mini block is a fantastic new addition, and even better turned into a star.

  4. I agree with Cynthia too, I am so pleased that we met online and then in person and that we continue our friendship over the internet. I am honoured to be considered worth making a special block for, thank you dear Julie. Your sashiko is great, especially in miniature - I didn't think it would be possible. The star with the stitching looks wonderful.

  5. Gosh, I had never heard of Shashiko. It is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. All of your blocks are lovely.

  6. Julie - you amaze me! I agree with Cynthia - your miniature sashiko is so tiny - and your choices for star points are perfectly suited for each block! I am so honored to be included - ;))

  7. Wow! Sashiko is tough. I tried it once. How cute! Love my completed block. I love all the fun fabrics you used.

  8. Your sashiko is beautiful! I have a project with sashiko I started several years ago and just ran across it as I was getting the house ready to put on the market. I remember it being rather difficult so I put it away but may have to try it again. I love how you've put the blocks as centers for stars.

  9. How pretty! I am falling in love with sashiko and I think yours looks lovely. It's great to see how all of your blocks are coming together!

  10. Your sashiko star is fantastic! What tiny stitches! I've tried my hand at sashiko but found it more difficult to do than just quilting. And all the work you got into that star! Amazing!!

  11. Hello Julie! Lovely stitches and I would like to have your help too! You are great!!! Hugs...Sandra