Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Follower's block, lucky seven

I am really enjoying the time it takes to think of my blogging friends. The next person on my list does not have a blog so I can not go there to spy on her likes and dislikes, or send the rest of you there for a visit.

Susan has something in common with me. Both of us left our homes to marry someone and move to the other side of the world. I went west and ended up in the far east. She went east and ended up in Dubai. I looked through my block books, hoping to find an interesting block that represented east and west. Not finding one that spoke to me of Susan, I picked something else.

This block is called "Lucky Block".
I thought it was appropriate because I was lucky to meet Susan earlier this year. Not only that,  she was lucky to win a trip to the Tokyo Dome Quilt Show, coming all the way from Dubai to Tokyo.

We spent a day together, and at one shop we both bought a pack of the same fabric, a selection of warm browns from light to dark.

I decided to use some of these in the block for her and added a camellia print as the sasanqua were blooming at that time of year.

I will continue to think of her often and our short time together. I also have developed great respect for all the bloggers out there making those "Dear Jane" quilts with hundreds of little blocks. Trying to get all those little pieces into one four-inch block is not an easy task!

Cheers, my friend. When you begin a blog, I will become a loyal follower.


  1. You put so much thought into these 'followers' blocks. I love the story you told here and the block is very elegant.

  2. lovely block and lovely muted colours x

  3. The decisions you have made to come up with this block design and colours speak loudly of your feelings for your blogging friend. These are very special blocks.

  4. I really love hearing the story behind each of your blocks and why you chose that particular block and fabric for that particular person.

  5. Great block with a great story. Glad you both got a chance to meet. Maybe we will, one day, when you come back for a visit. Ohio isn't too far from here.