Sunday, November 17, 2013

Another piece of the Yokohama quilt show

 Carin has done such a good job of showing the quilts at the Yokohama Quilt show. that there is not a lot for me to add.

She has mentioned both the white chains that keep the visitors behind the lines (and make photography ... where allowed ... rather difficult) and the rather generous amount of space for the viewers to wander through the exhibits.
There were very few places where passing other viewers was a problem.

Quite a few of the outer display walls were this deep red.

Here is a small detail of a contemporary quilt, made by Wang? from Taiwan.
The title is "Blue Rhapsody".

 Many of the quilts, you could have stood an looked at all day without seeing all the details. This "Message Quilt" by Hoysue Yamana, roughly translated as "our town", was only one of such quilts.

 This quilt called "With You" by Tomoko Kamata, had block after block of these little people in all kinds of poses.

There were other quilts in one-artist displays. Many of those I wish I had been allowed to photograph. Just fantastic! At a few of those exhibits, I had the opportunity to talk with the quilt artists. What a special treat that was.

Carin mentioned several times that she had seen one or another of the quilts at the Tokyo Dome show. Earlier, I went back to my older posts to fix some of the labels, and sure enough, I found she was very observant. There were quite a few.

 I was not the only one with a friend. Isn't it fun to poke through the stalls and discuss the items?

Or to have your picture taken in front of a featured quilt?  Better not miss the rest of this show.
Queenie has two more posts with wonderful pictures.

For some reason, my pictures are playing hard to arrange, and rather than raise my frustration level any more, I think I will give the computer its own way and get back to work on my project ... before the deadline is kicked all to _ _ _ _ _ _!


  1. Wow Julie..impressive works as always!! you are so fortunate to live so close to divine creators. Thanks for sharing these lovely quilts.

  2. I am so glad you posted these pictures. Apart from some lovely details you have given a good picture of how the show is laid out and the cheery mood, how friends go shopping and pose in front of quilts... I bet a lot of your readers can feel they have been to the show in person.
    Arranging pictures on Blogger is a mystery! Better be quilting!

  3. so many little people on that one quilt - that must have taken forever to make and each one with a different outfit - so cute. Such great detail work on all

  4. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL quilts!! - I like them against the red walls - it is quite striking. And the DETAIL!! - all of the little fish - and all of the houses on the map quilt. The little people and yo-yos are so "little"!! - And I'm usually worried about whether or not my points match - I am such an amateur - haha - ;))

  5. What a great tour - I love it when quilts have space to breathe and viewers have space to look, and get good photos. Some quilt shows are so packed that it is hard to even wander around.

  6. I have really enjoyed your posts from the quilt show - and Queenie's too - thanks for sharing!

  7. Thanks for sharing so many beautiful photos with us. My favorite is that fall-looking photo of the leaves. What a cute nativity calendar you're making!

  8. Wow what detail t.y for bringing me along