Friday, November 29, 2013

It's been a long time.....

I think the last time I posted a "Followers" block was back in May. Since then, the owl quilt and summer camp and travels took over. Then Scouting and the church banner were waiting my return, followed closely by the Advent deadline.

Now the pressure is off a bit. The Japanese Thanksgiving was Saturday, and the U.S. one on Thursday. I celebrated is several ways. Sunday dinner included my #3 daughter's family and my husband's sister. It has been several months since we were able to get together.I skipped my birthday this year so this was our first meal together since October. Norie made a yummy meal that was followed up with pumpkin pie ... a favorite any time.

Leia and I spent a lot of time looking for "Wally". The book had been given Leia by one of my friends who is thinning out her own shelves from books her kids have long outgrown.

Thursday, after choir practice, I was invited to that friend's home for another Thanksgiving dinner.
Yes, and another serving of pumpkin pie! Certainly I can count my blessings by the number of friends.

I have also been thinking about my blogging friends and the blocks I have begun to make to remind me of the blessings of that friendship  The next person on my list was Cassandra and I have had plenty of time to look for the fabric I wanted and draft a pattern.

Here is what I came up with. Cassandra loves pink and cherry blossoms. She is a true Christian, thus the cross, and is waiting patiently ... and maybe a bit anxiously, for an adoption to come through of a young girl in Taiwan. I added the border of kanji because of that connection. I had to include the character for good fortune. Cassandra, thank you for your friendship.

Along the street leading to the station, there are more signs of fall. These chrysanthemums are about eight feet tall!

The house next to that has two persimmon trees.

Each is a different variety.

Though many buds remain tightly closed, these pretty Camellia sasanqua have begun to open.

And right outside the entrance to the subway station, there are two red ones in full bloom.

Tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn, I will be off
hiking in Kamakura. My Cub pack is invited each year
by a sister Japanese Pack.

Last year the trail went straight up a high hill. I hope we will take a different trail this year. The say is expected to be fine, cold but sunny.

This has been a busy but fun month and a very good time to be thankful.


  1. hope the weather stays fine for your hike .. esp if it is straight up!! Lovely colours in your post to-day x fingers crossed all goes well with your friend and her adoption wishes xx

  2. Lovely Thanksgivings you had! You're always so busy. I like the Friendship block and the pretty photos. Best wishes for good weather for your hike.

  3. What a wonderful way to spend Thanksgiving, friends and family.
    The gardens are always beautiful in your area and I hope you have a wonderful hike tomorrow. Sounds like the perfect time for hiking.


  4. A lovely bunch of celebrating. I love that you are making quilt blocks that speak to you of your friends - that is going to be a very special quilt. This block is wonderful, I like how you explain what the friend means to you. Happy Hiking.

  5. We have indeed a lot to be thankful for, one of them is your blog post. It is always full of great quilting; here this lovely friendship block for Cassandra, it is full of floral delight; those chrysanthemums must be impressive! and it is so inspiring to read about your active life. Keep up the good work of blogging!

  6. I love reading about your "Follower" blocks. The thought that you put into each and every one is amazing. I am honored to have been included. Thank you!! - ;))

  7. Great block. Glad you are finally finding some time for fun stuff, too.

  8. Awwwwwww. I'm so touched that I cried. :) :) Thank you so much for being my friend!! The block is so pretty! And I love that cherry blossom fabric you picked!