Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Keeping busy

Not much quilting done.

One could look at the picture on the last post and imagine three or four new rows.  A member of the Friday group suggested an idea for the border that I will explore.

I finished reading this month's Quilter's Book Club book and I am still  thinking about what to make for the block. My next month's book is somewhere between here and the States.

Friday evening my cookie chef came to try a new challenge, Batik Easter eggs.

There is a round-headed pin in the chopstick, dip it into melted wax, and draw on the egg. Then the egg goes into the lightest dye before getting more wax and a second dye. (yellow - orange - red, or yellow - green - blue, maybe purple at the end)

It takes a bit of experience to get into the rhythm with dipping and drawing on the egg.

When we finished the dying, we poked a small hole in each end and blew out the raw egg.

The finished eggs are pretty and will keep for following year decorations.

It has been many years since we did this activity and I couldn't find the tools I had used in the past with a variety of sizes of all metal ball-headed pins. The ones that come in clothing are too thick to use in quilting but great for this project. Now I have one more year to look for the missing tools.

Saturday was the homeless meal served at our church and Leia was in charge of handing out the bananas.

The first activity was separating them from the bunches.

She was able to get this task done in record time.
Here she is waiting for her first customer.

There were three sittings and between each one, she set the tables with chopsticks.

Her mom, my #3 daughter Norie, is passing out the dishes of salad.

I am in the kitchen, washing dishes.

When we got back home, Norie took the egg whites left from Friday's project and made an angel food cake to celebrate her dad's birthday earlier in the week.

The yolks went into pancakes and french toast.

Sunday I rolled out early as the choir was singing in three services.

After church I had to hot foot it to the American Club where my cub pack was holding their pinewood derby.

The American club is out sponsoring organization and a very busy facility. We could not book a large room or get a better time but fun was had by all.

The cars are speeding down the track and my car is in the lead.

Here is this years high flyer.

I was surprised how fast it flew.

The dogwoods are beginning to open.

These have a slight pink hue.

The white ones are still opening and there are a few dark pink ones too.

This is the first year for this cactus to bloom.

It is pretending to be an Easter cactus but no one would be fooled by that giant bloom.

I have been watching the bud get bigger and bigger up in my greenhouse/bedroom and finally brought it downstairs for the family to enjoy.

I have noticed buds forming on several other cacti.

I think they are all as glad to see spring as I am.

I hope you all had a very happy Easter.


  1. I did a comment and like the winning car, did it fly to you or somewhere else. Super batik eggs,Leia, your Mum a master chef.Cheers, Jean.

  2. Thank you for sharing your wonderful Easter with us. Many, many blessings.

  3. So many activities! It sounds like you truly enjoyed your Easter. The eggs we dyed were nowhere as intricate as yours. I can just imagine how beautiful they all turned out. We're enjoying our spring now. All the cacti on our ranch are budding out as well and will soon be in full bloom also. Hugs, my friend!

  4. What a beautiful weekend! Leia is so adorable. I bet she was the favorite server for that meal!

  5. Leia did a beautiful job on decorating the eggs and a wonderful young lady for helping with the meals, grandma should be proud. I love how you reused the eggs in the meals, really smart idea using the whites for cake and yolks for breakfast dishes.


  6. Busy times! I can relate!! Lovely eggs. You must have better dyes than I do. Where did you buy them? Oh probably in Japan, but if they came from on line let me know. And what did you make your car out of this year? It is hilarious.

  7. I wish Leia could teach me how to make Batik Easter eggs! That would be a project that I would LOVE to try...

  8. For some reason Blogger wouldn't let me add to that comment above... To continue... What joy Leia must bring to the people that she serves to. And your husband looks like he has enough joy to last him til another birthday!

  9. This looks like a lovely few days, especially the time spent with family. Great seeing the dyed eggs.

  10. Your granddaughter is a wonderful artist. She does amazing detailed work and with such a serene look on her face. I like the winning car...very cute!

  11. You might not have done a lot of quilting, but boy, have you been busy over Easter. It seems to have been a joyful time for all. Your cacti do love living in your house!

  12. you certainly have been busy my friend!! Wonderful!! Enjoy!


  13. What fun with the eggs - I have fond memories of doing that with my children! And your cactus is gorgeous. My "Christmas" cactus had a few blooms on it all winter this year. Your granddaughter is a doll...precious children. blessings, marlene