Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My quilt is getting bigger

This week I finished reading our book for April.

My final task was to come up with a block to represent that book.

Sometimes finding a good block is more challenging than finishing the reading.

Our first book in February last year was the Persian Pickle Club by Sandra Dallas.
At that time, I dug out from my stash, a piece of paisley fabric and decided to use a little bit in each of the blocks for the Quilters Book Club. That fabric will tie the blocks together and represent this group of reading quilters.

Since the amount is not so large and getting smaller each month, I wanted to make blocks that pulled out the colors from the paisley as well as added a bit more variety of color to the quilt I will make.

I have several books of quilt block designs and it is a good thing because many of them are two or three color blocks. A number of months I have given up and drafted my own pattern. I did find two patterns that might have worked for this month but the book's ending gave me another idea.

In the story, the Friday night quilters at the quilt shop make a quilt for Ivy, each one making a block to represent their home. Ivy's house block is placed in the middle, a white house with blue windows, a red door, a stone fireplace and a garden are a few of the points described by her little daughter as the "smiling" house.

In each corner were the other houses of the four members "like mismatched sentries on a guard points on a compass, fixed and immovable." Well, I wasn't going to try making four more houses but last year when we read the first of the "Cobbled Court Quilts " series,"A Single Thread", I had made a block of four spools, one representing each character, with the threads joining in the center.
I decided to use the spool colors representing those women in each corner and the paisley as compass points.

This is my 15th block. If I make a quilt to snuggle under while reading, I may have to change from reading on the train to reading in bed!

Check out Susan's Blog if you like to read . You may discover a new author and an enjoyable read and even make a few new friends in the process.


  1. Oh, I love that "smiling house" :)). You made a beautiful block, Julie.
    Those Cobble Court Quilts stories are amazing, aren't they ? I really enjoy each book and I just can't wait getting the newest " apart at the seams" which is due by end of this month...


  2. Off to look at the books on Susan's blog. Apart from Elm Creek Quiters I don't know of any quilting books. I have looked at your reading on Goodreads from time to time and keep meaning to ask you. Looks as if you've just provided the answer! Thanks Julie.

  3. That is a wonderful block for the story and love the fun prints you used.


  4. While driving thru the countryside last weekend, we saw several 'smiling' barns instead of 'smiling' houses. Nice job.

  5. We love house quilts! That tiled-looking fabric you chose makes such a cute roof. This will be a very happy quilt.

  6. That is another charming block which represents the book well. The print for the roof tiles make me think of a ginger bread house with M&Ms or rather jelly beans.
    Why don't you read both on the train and in bed?

  7. What a wonderful block and a fantastic idea to make a block for each book. I love it!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. I love seeing these blocks as you make them....and hearing about the books! blessings, marlene

  9. Oh, I absolutely love this block! It's perfect for this book!