Friday, January 23, 2015

another try

It is amazing what can be done on a phone call half way around the world!
Tonight my guru-son, Jon, talked me through a switch from Internet Explorer to Google chrome.

All the tabs that had disappeared a week ago have returned
Thanks for all who encouraged me to make the change
As a result, here is one of the pictures I was unable to post earlier in the week.

Sitting among the assorted cats is a little poinsettia I was given as a gift.

Christmas may be past but this little fellow sits on the step tansu in my little greenhouse/bedroom.... guarded by ceramic cats.

The dark pink and white Christmas cactus began opening a few weeks before Christmas and as of yesterday, the last flower has finished.

Just a week ago, this last cactus that was holding out, began to open. There are still a few buds to go.

Maybe the poinsettia reminded it that the time had come, or perhaps it didn't want to compete with the others ... Who knows, but it certainly is nice to have flowers during the cold grey days.

The gift for the conference speaker is in the finishing stage.

I asked her for her favorite bible verse and she gave it to me in Afrikaans.

I quilted it into the background in English ... King James version was the closest to the Afrikaans... That is across the top.

The verse in Afrikaans is along the lower half.

I added a narrow red binding.
The size is 29 inches wide and 55 inches long. I think that is a bit large for a wall hanging but I added a sleeve anyway just in case.

It could be used for a table runner or a chair runner. I have not quilted the area around the butterflies. I was thinking of adding vines and leaves using a dark blue thread but one of my friends thought it was just as good without anything more. The batting is #40 thinsulate and since it is made to be used in clothing, it is not likely to shift. The border is just quilted in the ditch around the three-inch floral blocks. The butterflies are quilted with gold metallic thread.

Here is the upper section....

and here is the lower part

I still have preparations to make for a quilting class I will be teaching

and once all that is ready to go, I will share my wonderful trip today to the Tokyo Dome.

I have had a lot today to make me happy and ending with the photo issue being fixed is only the icing on the cake!


  1. I am so happy to hear your camera/computer troubles are now fixed by a wonderful son. The butterfly runner is, like all your work, stunning. You get a lot of inspiration from the flowers in your greenhouse, I bet.
    It was LOVELY to visit the Tokyo Show with you and Tanya. THREE pairs of eyes see a lot more than one set!

  2. Yay Julie! Welcome to Chrome! So envious of your visit to the Dome!

  3. Remote help is wonderful, and your stitching, the words in 2 languages, a real treasure. And to see your work, in photos, right here across the seas, to me always a miracle in technology for which I am also very thankful. Hugs, Jean

  4. I'm also glad that your photo issues are resolved (Thank you, Jon!) and think that your work is stunning! And although technology can be irritating at times - I never dreamed that I would be able to "talk" to someone in Tokyo on a regular basis (Thank you, technology!). I'm looking forward to your visit to the Tokyo Dome - ;))

  5. Love how your quilt came out and the saying in a language for your friend, very special gift.
    I have a ton of cats in my house, I used to collect them and still do if I see something unique, they range from dragon cats to one sitting on a toilet, lol. My son got me some Maneki-neko cats when he went to malaysia.


  6. Glad the computer is working right again - it can be so frustrating. The flowers are wonderful and the wall hanging turned out great - what a presentation.

  7. Julie it seems to me that the wonder of our children being able to solve a problem we're having is one of God's greatest blessings! Your flowers are certainly beautiful but your butterfly quilt even more beautiful. The red binding was the perfect choice! blessings, marlene

  8. I am so pleased all has worked out with your computer programs. But so good to have wonderful help, too.
    Your gift for the guest speaker has turned out so well. Your work is beautiful. You are very generous with your time.

  9. That is a great quilt. Love the lettering, top and bottom, using the verse both ways.

  10. It is truly a blessing to have a "tech support" son (or daughter!). Your butterfly quilt is gorgeous and will be treasured I'm sure! Feeling wistful and hoping someday to meet up at the Tokyo show!

  11. It's beautiful, Julie!! So happy that your blogger problems are resolved now!!

  12. What a relief! Great job on migrating to Google Chrome! That should solve many problems with Blogger and reduce stress. Your butterfly quilt is absolutely beautiful. I'll bet the recipient hangs it on the wall. What a very special gift.