Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Quilt therapy at last

The new year came ... ready or not!

Stuff is still piled up everywhere.

Plenty of sorting left to do.

The first day was spent serving the homeless the special New Years meal ... well, I wasn't serving really, as my job was washing the dishes. So, I started the year with very clean hands.

The second we visited with friends, taking the special meal with us. (our house too messy for guests)

The third was church activities ... choir and all.
And that evening, our little family gathered along with Paul's sister. I need to learn how to photo-chop because that will be the only way to remove the piles of stuff.

By Monday afternoon I was really needing a quilt fix. I have the gift for the Women's Conference speaker to do and I had not even begun. I had a panel I had bought for my own use years ago. I dug out the tin of three-inch blocks and went through to find floral prints. That was not hard because probably half of what was in the box was floral print squares.

I couldn't think of a way to separate them so they would look good in a border so I decided to set them on point.

That meant I needed to add an inner frame around the panel so everything would fit. This is a real trial and error job.

The size is 30" x 56" so I think that is a bit too big for a wall hanging. Maybe it could be used as a table runner or chair runner.

Usually the speaker is unknown to me but this year she is our pastor's wife. The topic is about tending one's inner garden ... thus the flowers. The butterfly is a symbol of the "Hidden Christians"in Japan about 385 years ago.

The color is really dark blue. (The photo was taken on the floor under my dining room table ... the only open flat space big enough to lay it out.)

Tonight I pin-basted it and can now begin to put in the quilting. I will use gold around the butterflies and I plan to quilt in a bible verse at the top and bottom. I have asked the speaker for her favorite verse and will decide how to use it.

I know this is just a small bit of quilting but once I had those pieces drawn on the fabric and cut out, I began to feel so much more relaxed. I was actually surprised how quickly these pieces went together, even without a machine.  After so many weeks without any needle in my hands, this was the therapy I needed. Stuff is still piled up and there will be sorting to do again tomorrow, but now, when I need a break, I will have something meaningful to do.

What color binding? Shall I add a hanging sleeve just in case? I don't think I will stay awake worrying about that yet. Right now I am feeling a lot more content.


  1. It is always good to have a project at hand - and this one is great. I love the symbolism and also the clever way you made the border. Happy New Year!

  2. How pretty! That is a wonderful border that brings out all the colors in the butterflies. It's so nice to see that you are doing some quilt therapy amidst all your projects. What a great way to start the New Year. :-)

  3. Love the photo with your family. You really make wonderful pieces for others with thought going into the design and this one is perfect for her love of gardening.


  4. Akemashite Omedito Goziamas Julie san! I can't imagine you going so long without needle in hand! I think, yes for the hanging sleeve. It might work for her, if not it will still lay flat.

    1. Thanks for the advice.and a Happy New Year to you too. Wish we could do that in person.

  5. You have had a very busy start to your year. But it looks to be filled with family and friends so that makes it special.
    You always seem to find interesting ways to solve your quilting problems and I do enjoy seeing the end results.

  6. So pleased you found some time to create. I know it was for some one else but that makes it special too. Happy new year, my friend.

  7. HI Julia....nice to see you in this new year...best as always...love your comment at Marlene.s....you always bring a smile to my lips

  8. Happy New Year, I love Georgia's words up there. Stuff in the background, that is what family life together is all about, lovely, ( I know a lady who has a spotless home, nothing out of place, but nothing to show, almost lifeless) so let there be light...and the border is beautiful .Hugs, Jean

  9. Mom, I love the family photo, everyone looks great! And I love the butterfly quilt too. I vote for a red binding, but maybe audition a few colors? Happy New Year! --Julie

  10. Julie I absolutely love these butterflies - they are so beautiful! And I agree with your daughter that red is perfect for the binding. :) Are you doing any counted cross stitch? Or do you want to? I have an extra pattern that I think you would love and I'd be happy to send it to you. blessings, marlene

  11. Beautiful wallhanging/table runner. I didn't know about the HIdden Christians in Japan and the butterfly symbol. Do explain!

  12. I love the butterflies!! SO pretty!!