Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Almost there ...

This morning I finished quilting in the words on the border of the runner I am making as a gift to the speaker at the Women's Conference.

I don't know if you can read them but stitched in white on the navy border, they show up pretty well without "taking over".

From the left side around ...

Women's Conference 2017
Celebrating 60 Years
Sharing our stories ...
God's stories.

The speaker's theme is weaving stories, ours and those of the Bible, together.

Originally, I made sketches of several blocks that gave an impression of weaving fabrics together.
After testing this one, I liked the effect and did not try out any others. 
There are 60 three-inch blocks,
each with two colors and I sorted through what I had pieced so the arrangement would not repeat any one fabric.

In the past I have used printed panels for the center and quilted in words. I also put a hanging sleeve on those runners.

I have not decided if this needs a hanging sleeve as it seems more suited to being a table runner. 

I know the last one I made has been used as a runner ever since it was presented ... but that is one out of many.

The finished size will be about 35"x23".

One more decision will be the binding.

I selected the backing you can see here from among a batch of stuff that came from a friend.

I thought it looked like streamers and confetti ... kind of good for celebrating 60 years. The piece was large enough and the price was right. (and it doesn't show my uneven stitches)

For a binding I am toying with the idea of using the medium blue in the backing. I have left enough backing that I could just turn it to the front but being a directional print and colorful, it would probably be a distraction more than anything.

I always get good advice from my blogging friends and I still have a few weeks before it needs to be presented ...

So I await your feedback with much gratitude for all that has gone before.


  1. A per usual you have made a beautiful quilt. The pattern is very busy but still calm - strange how that can sometimes happen. The border of course ties all together and I would go for a plain binding, the blue of the back would be good.
    Happy new year, happy quilting!

  2. Love how it came out and love how the stitching looks, she will love it.
    Not sure what you are asking, my brain is tired. Are you talking about the striped being a binding?
    I have learned not to use stripes on borders, I always do them wonky, lol. I like the solid blue, so I wouldn't put anything too busy that would distract.


  3. The binding, medium blue would be my choice. And the way you have arranged the blocks, like hands linked together, with some a little apart, then that beautiful stitching. A plainer border will highlight this better than a busy one. Truly lovely ,Julie.

  4. Maybe I need to re-word that comment. In my eyes, a plainer border would suit better than a busy one. Just my thoughts. There, does that sound better and not quite so bossy ( for want of a more gentle word) ?

  5. Beautiful!! The quilting is amazing - visible but not detracting - very nice!! As for the hanging sleeve - I would say "yes" - add one - better to have one and not use it - than to not have one and wish you had one available to use - if that makes sense. Binding - I would go with a solid navy or black - a lighter color might be distracting, I think - but you always choose the best one - so I'll wait to see what that is - ;))

  6. What neat writing you did. Do you have any more of the navy blue? It would be great for the binding.

  7. This is such a treasure quilt, full of memories, and a tribute to all those working together ! Congratulations, dear Julie, you did a wonderful job :)


    PS : I sent you an email, a few days ago. Did you get it ?? (I used the email address mentionned on your Blog profile)

  8. Beautiful and happy quilt, the Speaker will love it. A gift hand made is worth more to people than something purchased. I feel a medium plain blue fabric will tie it altogether. Well done Julie.

  9. I think it looks wonderful. I admire the time and patience you put into these gifts.

  10. the multi coloured fabric would not work so well with the beautiful colours in the body of the quilt.. the blue would be so much better .. for me anyway xx Its your quilt and you can see it in person xx

  11. Quilting on the border is beautiful!