Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Tokyo Dome show part 2

Often we go to a quilt show with an agenda. It might be to meet friends or view particular exhibits or even find a hard-to-get item in one of the shops.

After finding our partnership blocks and those of our friends in one of those 63 quilts,

we ended up near the center area where the next of my agenda items were to be found.

Chikako Ueno has been a friend over a number of years. We first met at the Yokohama Quilt show which no longer exists ... but when it comes to quilters and friendship, those go on regardless.

Ueno-san always has something to enter in the show and this year she entered one of her wonderfully creative bags and a framed quilt. Since Ueno-san comes from out of town, it was not possible to make our schedules meet up this year as in other years but I couldn't miss  viewing her bag.

And, here is her framed quilt right around the corner from the bag display.

What a lot of work must have gone into this small quilt!

There are areas that seem like MOLA techniques and that is something I plan to cover in a later post.

There were quite a few framed quilts in the exhibit and the following were some that caught my eye.

This was one of the prize winners.

There is a lot of embroidery setting these flowers off.

With my in-house translator gone, I am not able to give credit to these, and I have had issues over the years  with the lack of even a simple English name.

This year I included the display information with these quilts so at least those quilters can get some credit for their hard work and creative ideas.

This turtle was another prize winner.

It also has rather a Mola look but certainly not as detailed as Ueno-san's fish.

What is it about kids and dinosaurs?

In our pre-school library, the shelf of dinosaur books is the most stirred area each time I go in to get the shelves in order.

This was a bit larger than many other framed quilts but it also contained a lot of small pieces.

As you may note by the plaque, it too was a prize winner.

And, here is another winner.

Colorful and charming.

How about this gathering of pigs?

Or this awesome piece of whole-cloth quilting.

Here are the three winner bags.

I think bags are very much personal things and it would be hard to make any judgement.

There was a really cute bag that has already been shown (Tanya's post?)It was a whole bag of cats.

I often think of making a bag to suit my needs. It would need lots of different sized compartments ...
Probably inside so not showing. It would need an open pocket for my train pass with a ring to clip the chain on. It would need a zipper that can open right or left. And NO VELCRO!!!

It would probably need a strap that could be lengthened to go over the shoulder but able to be shortened to carry over the arm or even by hand... and since I often have pinched nerves from a crooked spine, it might be nice if it could double as a waist-pack.

The closest I have ever come to making a bag like that was a needle point bag made back in the late 1950's that was stolen on a trip to NY. I have two quilted carrying bags but they are both showing wear after years of use.

Among the stalls at the quilt show, there were many selling bits and parts for bag-makers.

The show ended Wednesday but there are still many pictures to show so, for us bloggers, it will last a bit longer. Be sure to check out Taniwa and Queenie as I will be off for the weekend to the Women's Conference. I will be hoping to see a few finished beginner quilt projects and maybe win a convert or two to the quilting world. The prep-work for the classes is almost done. The last thing in the plan was to iron the folds out of the cut fabrics but my iron died without warning.  No shops selling irons in my area so it may be some time before it can be replaced. (and I will be picky because I need one that can be used left-handed).
Last item on the list is pack up my bag with class items and clothing and to cut a few scraps to sew on the ride there and back.


  1. I would like to try some bags, just need to try some simple ones to start, your friend's pieces are beautiful.
    Love seeing the quilts and bags, so many beautiful pieces and creative designs.


  2. Another great post Julie. You have so many things to say about the show, what we saw and think.
    I think Ueno-san's framed fish quilt was one of the best in that section. She always makes such unique designs and the workmanship is fantastic.
    I agree with you, a bag should be like a Personal Assistant helping us to be organized. If possible like Mary Poppin's bottomless bag or Moomin's mother's handbag always containing what we need. Also it should weigh nothing, never be in the way in crowds, be rain resistent pick-pocket proof and outstandingly beautiful and a crowd stopper at quilt shows! Now that's a CHALLENGE! Let's have fun!

  3. HI Julie ! Thank you for your FABULOUS reports on the Tokyo Dome show. You are doing wonderful work ! We are enjoying your beautiful photos and very interesting commentary. We especially loved the bag from Chikeko Ueno. What gorgeous detail in her bag and also in her delightful fish quilt. We look forward to seeing much more !
    Thanks so much again, hugs and blessings, from Marina and Daryl

  4. I'd never heard of MOLA until you and Tanya mentioned it.

  5. Such interesting bags and bags. Thanks so much for sharing them with us.

  6. What a fun quilt and bag show! Such lovely items. Those seamstresses are certainly creative.