Tuesday, December 5, 2017

So far, so good

The I-Spy quilt is now 31" x 40".

Much of this stitching was completed either on the train or in meetings.

I have decided to add another row of blocks to both the side and the bottom.
It will take some time to cut and audition blocks but then I can sew them in odd moments while travelling.

That will bring the total size to 36" x 47".
Then, with some added sashing and a three-inch border, it should come to a decent size that can be simply quilted in the ditch.

The days are getting shorter but also sunnier.
Somehow they are also getting busier. With "Choir Sunday" now past, we are working on a program for February, and being pare of a barber-shop quartet and a small choral group, my calendar is getting filled in quickly.

This week my Scout meeting and a teacher's party are conflicting for time and I have more requests for Saturday than there are hours in the day. I know I am going to have to tell somebody "sorry!"

Nikko has not been happy with long days left alone. I have blocked her from the living room with too many things to get into.... but she seems to be more determined to get in and several times broke the barrier leaving teeth-marks in the door. It is a sliding door with no way to lock it. Today I sanded the worst part and then painted the area with tabasco sauce. I am hoping that will keep her teeth off the door while I am out. Her food and water dish are in the lavatory so that is not a problem. When I am home these days, she lies under the heating vent, but I turn off the AC when I go out.

I tried putting her in her crate for half an hour last week but I could hear her barking all the way down the street as I was returning. I'm sure the neighbors would not like more of that. Japanese houses are not very soundproof. It is easy on a walk to know who has a dog or plays a musical instrument. (or who watches the morning news on TV).

Oh well, onward!


  1. Love the quilt, Getting colder, for Nikko, what about a fleece bed?? Or would she just take one look and say " Not for me"? you are so busy, to be it is a miracle that you can sew on the train or anywhere else other than at home.

  2. I checked the spelling, but it should have been " to me it is a miracle" but maybe to be is OK too!!!

  3. The quilt is coming along nicely.
    Is there a warm place for Nikko to sleep while you are out? A basket with a blanket? A hot water bottle?

  4. Could you put a board or plank along in some way for the sliding door to be held shut? Or one of those child gates you put in stairs to add at least an extra level to work through?
    Sandy in the UK

  5. That is a nice quilt to add to if you want more on it. I did one for a friend and realized it was too skinny and too long, so I will have to take some apart and rethink it.


  6. Your quilt is coming together very nicely.
    I hope you are able to find a solution to your Nikko problem.

  7. So glad my dogs do well while I'm out. The large dog was crate trained when we got him. The little dog stays in our bathroom, and doesn't mind at all. She can't reach anything (short and bad knees) so I don't have to worry about things getting chewed. I don't like it when I have several things to do at the same time. Our Christmas musical is Sunday (I'm the narrator and we both are singing in it). Practice is in a few hours.

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