Thursday, March 22, 2018

So far, so good...

It is a bit difficult to see the total effect when the blocks re laid out on another quilt, especially the busy nine-patch on a single bed.

I will not begin sewing the blocks together yet, because I want to turn this into a larger bed-sized quilt. I still have a yard and a half of the mottled purply-black. If I use some other fabric for the edge triangles, I can probably double the size and add some kind of a border to make it into a bed cover.

When I laid this out, I just took the blocks out of the tin without any order but I think in the final plan, the variety of colors could be better placed by moving or rotating blocks. Any way, this has been a fun challenge and a perfect way of using up scraps and odd moments.

And ... hard to believe ...
This little bundle of joy ...
my cookie factory expert ...

Leia ... turns ten years old today.

I don't remember getting older, how did she do it so fast???


  1. Leia, many birthday wishes from way down here in the south. This is a very special and so lovely family photo. Where did the 10 years go?

  2. It's looking lovely, but how are you getting it sewn together so quickly? I swear, you get more done by hand in a day than I get done by machine! And I agree with you about the little ones getting older while I am not aging at all. Strange!

  3. Your quilt looks stunning and will only get better as you sew it together. Many happy returns to Leia.

  4. Please give Leia a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! hug for me. It's amazing how quickly they grow up while we seem to "age in place" - LOL. Your blocks look GREAT - the mottled purplish-black sets off all of the bright colors beautifully. Using the rest of it for the blocks and a different fabric for the side triangles and corners sounds like a good plan - ;))

  5. The blocks are looking good, but I am sure you will play around with the placement until you find the very best position. You made all these blocks so fast you could double the size of the quilt in no time.
    No time has passed for us oldies, only the kids change in 10 years.
    I hope Leia had a wonderful day.

  6. It is hard to tell by a photo, I think quilts are much better seen in person. I usually place my blocks and take a look, if something bugs me I change it, what is important is that it is pleasing to your eye. They sure do grow up fast, Nick is going to be 5 this year.


  7. Another fabulous quilt - as always. And happy birthday to our dear cookie factory - she's such a dear little one. They do grow up so fast and wonderfully - our grandsons are 16, 13 and 6. One just got his driver's license, another plays the cello in the school orchestra and the third is learning to write and communicate so well - what wonders they all are. Happy weekend my dear.

  8. This is turning into a lovely quilt. I really like the way the blocks are going together.
    A special birthday, too!

  9. It was a week for birthdays. I knew 5 people with birthdays last week. Those blocks will make a nice bed quilt.

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