Saturday, November 17, 2018

The test piece is begun

Today I finished in-the-ditch quilting around all the blocks. This is the single quilt I intend to give to our Pastor, and I thought I would try big-stitch quilting in the blocks ... black on white and white on black.

I had intended to quilt within the curved center too, but looking at these results, I think this might be enough. I rather like the puffiness of those curved pieces.

I am using sashiko thread and anything larger than that half square would have been even more difficult with the number of times that thread has to be pulled along. I rather think I could have done regular quilting in all four blocks in the time it takes to do just one, even if the stitches are larger.

I will be interested in any comments or advice. This is my first attempt of big-stitch quilting.

Now I see this post was never published.
I have begun quilting in the ditch on the second quilt ...
this time a bigger one for my #3 Grandson. 
If he approves, I will quilt it the same way.


  1. I’ve never done big stitching either as I’d always prided myself on my small hand stitches... but pride can get in the way and I’ve come to really appreciate big stitching in quilts. The stitches add so much! Isn’t quilting with sashimi thread difficult to pull through?

  2. I haven't used big stitching either, sometimes less is more and I really like the quilting you have done.

  3. Personally - I'm not a fan of "big stitches" - it took me too long to get my stitches "tiny". I think you answered your own question, though - "I rather think I could have done regular quilting in all four blocks in the time it takes to do just one, even if the stitches are larger." If Kai's quilt is larger - it's going to take you a LONG time to quilt it - ;))

  4. I love how it looks, not sure if I would call that big, lol. I do the same thing, my big stitches are small but bigger than tiny quilting. I just do whatever happens, but I do find hand quilting so relaxing and I never have to worry if my machine jams up.


  5. I like it, the curves stand out so well, and the thread is so right for the quilt, a wonderful gift .

  6. Oh, I do like those big stitches and your quilt. I've yet to try my hand at big stitching, but will try something soon.

  7. I've done a bit of big stitch quilting, but, I use the same thread, so, not the same as what you are doing.

  8. Hay Mom! I love that you are paying homage to traditional Japanese sashiko quilting and there is also (for me anyway) a slight nod to your first Cathedral quilt. The black and white theme is perfect for Kai right now. His bed is a mix of black and white sheets and pillow cases with an all white bed frame. This quilt is going to fit perfectly on his bed. I sent Kai the link to your blog so he can send you his thanks as a comment. :-). Much love from Colorado! Jon


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