Friday, October 18, 2019

rainy day work

Between train rides into town and down time at home, the feedsack stars got joined together.

I was a bit worried I would not be able to get all those points to meet, and was even thinking of adding sashing, but this time I am satisfied with the results. Each star has two setting fabrics matching at least two of the colors in the print. Two weeks ago I laid the blocks out on the floor of the church fellowship hall before choir practice and tried to get a good balance of colors.

This is a rather dull picture taken on the park fence on a very cloudy morning. In fact, it began sprinkling as I took the quilt down and started home. Actually, the blocks look a lot brighter.

Some facebook group friends said I should finish this without a border but I am considering an applique using the leftover feedsack scraps. Maybe on a muslin solid. To my thinking, a border would hold all these randomly colorful blocks together. Somewhere I saw some simple flowers that used a variety of prints... and maybe a vine and leaves. There is no rush so I may experiment a bit before I decide. Maybe I can find some inspiration in my collection of books...

The weather predictions include more rain in the forecast. It has actually turned rather cold and I added a light down comforter to the quilt on my bed. I was rather looking forward to something between the sauna days of summer and pulling out winter sweaters.


  1. It turns cold so fast! We have our kerosene heater out already! And at the beginning of the month it was too hot to be wearing my fall winter crosswalk uniform! Now I’m thinking about getting out my long underwear!

  2. Oh, this is BRILLIANT, Julie… another gorgeous quilt almost done… now to handquilt it and I'm sure the recipient will be thrilled :))
    Indeed, we're feeling autumn setting here too. Lots of rain, but the leaves are getting such lovely colors. It won't take long before they fall, though…

    In stitches,

  3. This quilt is lovely, Julie. With or without a border, it is going to be beautiful when finished.

  4. The blocks look wonderful and have come together very nicely in your top. It is lovely work.

  5. Love all those colors together - just a wonderful looking quilt. I'm so happy for the cooler temps.

  6. Lovely quilt and a floral border would make a perfect frame. Lighting on trains must be strong. I had to give up sewing in our coach when we are traveling. The constant change in light was a big strain on my eyes.

  7. Very nice. A border with applique would look nice. We have snow (very early) here. Several inches yesterday, and several more are coming today.