Monday, August 17, 2020

A few weeks gone

The first Sunday this month, after our livestreamed church service, a congregational meeting was held on zoom to vote on the pastoral search committee choice for a new associate pastor.
The ballots were sent to our email which took some time, and we had until 5:pm to respond. I was away from home when the time was near  but luckily I was with my daughter who helped me to first get my mail into my call phone, and then vote. (no small task, as I had not been able to access my email on my device for years.)

The results were declared at a second zoom meeting at 7:pm. Over the past few weeks we have been able to learn more about our next pastor, though it may be a while until he and his family can come to Tokyo.  A team has been set up to assist the family when they do arrive. There was some mention of their two-year-old son learning Japanese. I thought right away of an I-Spy quilt, and dug out my tin of four-inch blocks. Last night I put the outer border on this quilt and now am thinking of where I can go to get this basted and ready to quilt. I have yet to check my supply of batting. I have some that was "gifted" but know nothing about what type it is. I may need to go shopping if I need more thinsulate but need to know if the store has a supply before setting out in the heat on a shopping trip.

So, this is what I have so far. The bamboo border is left-overs from my youngest grandson's quilt border. I thought that would be fitting for the family's Japan adventure. I used a few one and two inch  prints to make my scraps fit. I have some light violet binding and enough solid pale blue for the backing.
All I will need is space to lay it out for a few hours of basting. Maybe with the morning breeze I should see if there is enough floor space that is cool enough not to  drip sweat all over it while working.
Meanwhile I am thinking of creating a game with cards ... English on one side and Japanese on the other ... that they could draw with the Japanese side up and turn over to check if they found it. Maybe a set with colors or numbers or verbs or animal names. Well, I still have time ... lots of ot ... to work on the final plans.  Any ideas welcome


  1. I really like that border with the blocks. That will be a fun way for the whole family to learn Japanese. Good luck figuring out different card games to help the process.

  2. Another I-spy beauty Julie! I have good basting space (table) and A/C..... and time.... if it is worth the heat getting from your place to mine!

  3. You have some super ideas, and the quilt, what a welcoming gift to be treasured. Hot, I cannot remember when I had sweat dripping down, maybe I don't work hard enough or it isn't ho0t enough. Try and stay cool, Julie, fondest love from down here.XXXX p.s. we are both well.

  4. What a lovely idea for a gift. It is looking lovely. You have made great progress. Good luck getting the basting done.

  5. What a wonderful way to help them learn Japanese - your quilt is beautiful - as always - ;))

  6. It is such a beautiful quilt and with cards it will be double the fun! I did an I SPY (sort of) quilt for my mother one year and I put the questions on the back of the quilt like a label so that they didn't get lost. A bit of a pain to flip to the back all the time but at least all these years later the quilt and the questions are still together.

  7. WOW, you're on a roll, Julie ! Very pretty :)