Wednesday, February 10, 2021

First Round of blocks

 This project is to be a kotatsu cover for my daughter Norie.... about three years late.  The center area will be covered by the table top. I really don't have any space large enough to lay it out for planning, and looking at the center area, I wish I had not put the light blue floral next to fabrics containing blues. I wonder if it would be worth the trouble to un-sew and replace that block, if it will not be seen anyway.

I have pieced enough blocks for two more rows. Then I will think about adding a couple of rounds of borders. I am still not sure as to how big this should be. I have a few rather light florals and am hoping to place them closer to the corners where they will be less likely to get food spills.

Just imagine having enough space to get it all laid out and then sewed together without mistakes. On a day like today. I could have taken it to church before choir practice and laid it out on the floor in the fellowship hall. No choir for nearly a year now, and the church is closed. 

Hanging on the fence in the afternoon shade, the colors look a bit dull. I can't help comparing this with my blogging friend, Kim, of "Sarah Lizzies". Her posts are always so full of bright colorful florals. Oh well, I will just keep on keeping on and look forward to snuggling under this as I quilt it.


  1. If you were keeping this for your own use, you would swap out that patch because it would annoy you every time you'd look at it.

    I really love your choice of the border patch. Your work is always inspiring.

  2. Your work is beautiful. I really like it!

  3. I would not chance a thing, especially because the intended use is for a kotatsu! I am facing a similar issue with my hexie quilt - wish I could wave a magic wand and rearrange some things. I'm sorry COVID restrictions are messing with your usual ways to spread out a project in a big space!

  4. Only you will see that it is not in the most perfect arrangement. It is just beautiful and actually the colors so suit you! Norie is going to be blessed big time!

  5. I think it is working fine the way it is. It does look lovely.

  6. It looks good to me. I had to look up what a kotatsu is. None of those around here.