Monday, February 15, 2021

Waiting for borders

Now 80 inches square, I am wondering how many borders I will need to add to get the right size. I am thinking of a narrow border of bright pink and then just adding enough of the same blue floral used in the center sashing. Several of the darker blue blocks around the edge might not have enough contrast with the sashing I used in the middle. I also have enough of the red floral that I used as sashing on the Coronaville pieces. There is none of that fabric in this quilt so it might work as a plan B.


This is pretty well filling up most of the room. When it comes to doing the backing and basting I may have to find somewhere else to work.


in 1965, we planted this plum tree to celebrate the birth of our first daughter. 

Almost every year, it has bloomed on her birthday, the 15th.

This year I kept watching for signs of color but it didn't look likely it would have flowers opening any time soon.

 Yesterday, it was dark and rainy, so I went to the second floor and opened the shoji to see if there might be a few blooms on the upper branches that get a bit more sun.

I think this year has set a record for buds, and, sure enough, some of the upper branches had begun to bloom. 

I took up my pruning shears and cut a few of the branches that were against the house, and arranged them in a vase next to Paul's ashes.

I have found a gardener who understands why I did not want to cut the branches during the fall pruning season. Last year the tree produced many plums (actually like small apricots) for the first time. Maybe this year there will be enough to make some plum wine.

The recent earthquake was only an interruption of sleep in this part of Tokyo. The grandfather clock stopped but nothing fell from the many shelves.

This coming weekend I look forward to the Women's Conference. Though rather tired of meetings on zoom, I am hopeful to find a few friends there, whom I have not seen for quite a while. One of the good things about zoom is that I can do piecing with my hands while meetings are going on....


  1. Such a pretty tree. Trees always bloom to their own timetable. Your quilt is looking lovely. There are so many pretty fabrics in this beauty.

  2. Your plan for the borders is just right, and I think the pink then blue will be so lovely. The blossom is beautiful, and to have plums will be a bonus. The earthquake, so thankful you stayed safe.

  3. It bloomed just in time. Glad the earthquake didn't affect your area. I've had a couple of Zoom sew-in's. Everyone is expected to sew during it all.

  4. I'm so glad you suffered no damage in the earthquake and that you are safe. Your quilt top is beautiful - your border plan sounds perfect! The tree knows when to bloom - and did - right on schedule - ;))

  5. What beautiful blooms on that tree!

  6. Beautiful blooms on your tree. So pleased all is well after your earthquake. Stay safe. Your quilt is very pretty.

  7. I think your pink or red idea for the stop border is a really good one. Your plum blossoms are so pretty, and it's so special to have your own tree with such a sweet history.

  8. Love the picture of the blooms - just makes me feel hopeful. Your quilt is looking good. Have you considered a dark brown or some other dark color border. Where the quilt is up close to your wall, it looks like a dark border and I thought that looked pretty good.

  9. That is great progress on your quilt. Good luck with the extra borders.
    How exciting to see the tree bloom at the right time. And how great to find a suitable gardener.
    I am pleased the earthquake caused you no harm.

  10. I'm afraid I opted out of the Women's conference this year as I've never used Zoom nor did I think I'd be able to "attend" with the regular going ons in our house. Give us a report on how it goes!

  11. Gorgeous plum tree! A wonderful reminder of the past and family. I never thought to use the orange peel pattern for a scrappy quilt. This one looks great and adding pink then the blue floral is a good idea. I need to keep this pattern in mind for my future scraps. I find hand-sewing the curve pieces very relaxing.