Monday, March 15, 2021

Getting my act together

 So many floral scraps to play with. I have spent a good part of the week just marking and cutting scraps, that are too small to do much with,

 into one inch sets. Then arranging them into dark on light and light on dark. It is somewhat of a challenge with mostly medium prints, trying to get at least a little contrast or enough of one to show.

I made this small table runner, planning to give it to a neighborhood friend. From time to time she invites me over and we enjoy coffee and a snack together with some nice English conversation thrown in. 

I thought this might be a nice mat for her coffee maker and snack plate.  Since I was just working with odd scraps, when it came to the quilting, I took my baggy of leftovers from larger quilts to piece together a batting. What I ended up using was a bit higher loft than I usually put in runners, and after I began quilting, I felt the results were a bit puffy for a table runner. 

This picture is just after finishing the binding. Today I machine washed it and hung it out in the sun to dry. Then I ironed it front and back and it seems a wee bit less puffy. She told me her favorite color is blue, so I made the border using a blue floral print. It really doesn't show the quilting. And ... the backing is a larger blue floral. 

I am still sorting through those floral scraps. I think there must be enough for 50 quilts. Quite a few large pieces measured in meters, then a pile of pieces several feet square, then lots of maybe quarter yard cuts. Some are still folded with a price tag.  Now I am working with odd scraps that are probably too small to feature in a quilt, and making a tin of those that might be useful in something scrappy. The small ones I cut to go into my tins of two, three. and four-inch squares. Some of the strips might make an interesting border somewhere down the road. 

Another week has rolled around and the end of this sorting still not in sight. I have a box of three inch pieced blocks that are patiently waiting for a purpose. Those were assembled while on zoom meetings and a number on the train into town and back for my scout  meeting. Should I get a request for a runner, it won't take so long to put one together.

Meanwhile, gusty weather is spreading plum blossoms up and down the street and I am getting exercise sweeping them before they are ground under foot. Lots of ways to enjoy flowers in my area!


  1. Your scrappy mat came out beautifully! I'm still sorting and cutting through my scrap with no end in sight. I'm beginning to think they multiply when I'm not looking.

  2. Plum blossoms are a sure sign your spring is arriving. Scraps, I lave mine in all odd pieces, then when I do applique I can fit the shapes in all those odd corners and angles, but do have them in their colours in plastic containers. Your puffy mat is so bright and beautiful.

  3. Your friend will love that quilt. Glad you are getting blossoms. We had sleet & snow today.

  4. There is a good mix of floral prints in this little table runner. A thicker puffy table runner is good for keeping a warm coffee or tea pot on, so you don't spoil the table. Also with fewer things on top, the more we see of the runner itself.
    You are so organised with your quilts and can whip up a new one because of all the planning. You are also so kind to sweep up the petals before they turn into dirty brown spots on the ground.

  5. Your puffy table runner is SO pretty! You achieved great contrast with all of those floral prints - it's lovely - ;))

  6. Piękny bieżnik wymagający wiele pracy!
    Pozdrawiam serdecznie!

  7. The little runner is so special and I bet it will be so very much appreciated. Sorting through fabric and scraps is a mindful exercise as as Queenie says, all the work ahead of time gets you nicely set up to make new quilts. I'm continually amazed at what you accomplish by hand! The plum blossoms are beautiful. There is spring in the air and it feels so good.

  8. Your table runner is lovely. A very kind gift.
    I think you will find there will never be an end to the scrap sorting. It is a bit like going down a rabbit hole.. Good luck.

  9. It is a beautiful table runner and if your friend uses it a lot and puts her coffee utensils on it often enough it will bulk down a bit!

  10. Wonderfull handwork...
    I wish you a best health for all this work.
    Hugs Eva