Sunday, April 11, 2021

It's been a while...

 Actually, it has been almost a month since my last post. The kotatsu cover now is waiting for a space to baste it. My daughter  in Boston sent a nice large flannel sheet to use for the backing. I will have plenty of time to get it done before next winter ... though probably should avoid sitting under the hoop full of that warm quilt in the middle of the sauna called "summer". 

Meanwhile I have been working on an I-Spy quilt for a friend. The border went on Friday and Saturday I pieced strips of yukata fabric to make a backing with an all-over pattern. I did have some wide fabric I could have  used but the choice was either pink or white. Thinking of a quilt for kids to play on, I thought something patterned would be better and the texture of yukata fabric would not slip as easily off a napping child. 

Basting was mostly done with pins, so it didn't take long, and the center is now in the hoop, getting in-the-ditch sewing. The four inch pictures should be OK without quilting as I used #60 thinsulate which doesn't shift.

While visiting over Easter, my son-in-law set up my new computer. I am still using my old one while trying to figure out how to use the new one. I did discover that the gadget I have to transfer pictures from my camera to the computer can not be connected. Do they make new gadgets for old cameras? Well, I won't be going shopping in town anytime soon. 

Vaccines seem to be all talk without much action. A friend, living in the area of Tokyo that is scheduled first for shots, got his notice to schedule an appointment but the phone was busy with no answer and the website was "under development". On the day they began, all the shots were gone in two hours. Looks to me like "Fail to plan ... plan to fail". From what I hear, my area is way at the bottom of the list. Friday I had to go into town and the train was crammed. This morning after delivering onigiri to the homeless, the Shibuya area was full of groups of young people. With talk of tightening restrictions, everyone seems to be getting in their last outings before new rules are put in force. Having been glad to say goodbye to 2020, 2021 does not seem much different.

Guess I will skype and zoom with needle in hand for a lot longer. Today workers are working to remove a completely rotten and disintegrated corner post by my garden door. It is amazing the rest of the house is still standing. When the AC unit was installed outside years ago, rain water drained into the wall and the condition is similar to my greenhouse roof that had problems with leaks too. Here's hoping it will be fixed before the rainy season comes along.

My cymbidium on a stand by the front door is greeting everyone passing by. All year long it sits in that pot with little or no attention other than maybe a sip of water during the dry season.

Doesn't it look like an open mouth shouting "Look at me!"

Or is it laughing at my surprise?

Hope you all have a touch of beauty and laughter in your lives as well.


  1. Thank you, it’s good to hear from you.

  2. Flannel will be so cozy under the kotatsu. Oh..... I wish things were smoother and faster in terms of the vaccine. I feel like my best plan is to visit the U.S. and be vaccinated there but that also seems sort of crazy to have to do! I too have noticed the trains filling up again. Today I went to Tomato and thought it would be empty because of the rain, but, it was pretty busy. Your cymbidium is just showy and gorgeous - very cheerful on a rainy day.

  3. You are keeping yourself busy. Ireland is finally coming out of lockdown after more than three months! But actually not much allowed at all. Non essential shops are not open until May or so... Keep well!

  4. It's good to see you posting again - your I-Spy quilt is wonderful - and your cymbidium is gorgeous! - ;))

  5. Lovely work on the eye spy quilt. They always come up so well.
    Your orchid is stunning. Lovely colouring.
    Yes, I think we still have a long way to go with covid. At the moment we are very lucky here in Australia with very few cases, but we know how rapidly that can change. We are not well organised with vaccines either, which is very frustrating.

  6. Fun quilt again as you always make! My new computer does not take the SD card or whatever it was that I was using to download photos from my camera before... So I was trying to figure out how to do it Wi-fi but couldn't get that right and then remembered a cable that came with the camera for connecting directly. After attempting three or four different cables (they all attach to either the computer OR the camera but not both, I finally found the right cable AND HAVE LABELED IT SO THAT WHEN I NEED IT AGAIN TO DOWNLOAD PHOTOS I WILL NOT SPEND ANOTHER TWO HOURS MAKING FAILED ATTEMPTS!!! Why doe these convenient technologies make life so difficult?