Friday, April 23, 2021

What's up?

Well, the I-Spy was finished over a week ago, and has been out a number of times, trying to get a photo shot. The days have been quite windy and the best lighting was competing with a balloon effect. Now, the problem is to find the right time of day when the sun is in a place that doesn't cause shadows from power lines ... and this neighborhood has an overload of those.  I have saved this shot, but am hoping to get a better one before passing it to it's new owner.



My orchid cactus has been showing off its lovely bloom. I moved it from my greenhouse to the front wall so it could be enjoyed by more than just me.

Unlike the Night-blooming cereus, it lasts several days. I was glad I didn't miss seeing it. 

About three years ago, I rescued a few bulbs from the park where I weed.

Every year, just as the buds begin to come out, the "gardeners" (or whatever those guys are called), come out with weed whackers and cut these plants off about three inches above the ground. I had never seen them bloom, so I snatched up a couple of bulbs and planted them in the narrow strip between my house and the street. That is the only place that gets sun, and though only around a foot wide, the bulbs seem happy to have been left to show off their blooms. This is the second year of rewards.

This past week, I have had a visit from "Flat Stanley". 

Monday morning, he went with me to deliver onigiri to the homeless in Shibuya. 

He joined some zoom meetings, and visited a local shrine and nearby temples, helped with weeding in the park, and each time he sends pictures and a story back to my grandson, Ryden, in Oregon.

He is hoping to visit a place where carp-streamers are flying.

It is getting near that time of year.

I think all the students in Ryden's class will be sharing pictures and stories about where they have been.

I have had several visits from Flat Stanleys in the past, and I enjoy those adventures, looking at old things with new eyes.

House repairs are ongoing. The first floor section is almost done, but it seems the damage is coming in from the roof, so both second floor and greenhouse have now been opened and are up for repairs. The kotatsu cover awaits basting and several other challenges are vying for attention.

gotta get my day going.....



  1. Hi Julie, Your I-Spy quilt is delightful! Your excellent placement of fabric squares and sashing creates wonderful contrasts, so all the individual prints can be clearly seen. By the way, we think your photo is excellent with minimal shadows. Great work !
    We're always glad to see all the lovely flowers that are the recipients of your nurturing.In these tough times, flowers are a reminder of the eternal beauty of nature.
    Do you live in an area that is subject to the new shutdown due to Covid? We just read that some areas of Japan are entering their third shutdown. Please take care, stay well, and stay safe, with blessings from Marina and Daryl Lynn

  2. Its a cute I Spy quilt, I know I enjoyed my one and only one I have ever made and my grandchildren sure love it too. The orchid is gorgeous, I have never had any luck with orchids (to be honest, with any plant.) Do you know the name of the blue flowers?

  3. These are such jolly quilts and such fun for children - I love the border effect.

  4. LOVE your quilt - and the photo is not that bad with the shadow - you can still see the fabrics and it looks lovely! Your flowers are beautiful - as usual - ;))

  5. Your quilt is so beautiful. The solid sashing helps give a the eye a place to rest and so many lovely things to look for in the blocks. The flowers are pretty.

  6. Julie - I love your I-spy quilt. You are a genius with color and contrast and making something so artful (and in this case FUN) with whatever is in your stash. Lovely blooms! Good luck getting through your house repairs. It's great to see Flat Stanley is still on the move, even during the pandemic.

  7. Those bulbs with the blue flowers are so pretty. I don't think I have ever seen these before. Your Eye Spy quilt is delightful. There is so much lovely interest to gaze at and the different colours of the sashing adds another dimension to those squares. Flat Stanley caused me to fun.

  8. A lovely finish for your quilt. Yes, finding the right place at the right time for the right photo is very tricky.
    It is good to see that Flat Stanley is still doing the rounds. Lots of fun and interest there.

  9. I've done Flat Stanley before too and I remember really enjoying finding things to show and write about it Japan. Hopefully the child who created our Stanley appreciated it but I remember being sad that I never heard back from her...

  10. Your flowers are lovely Julie.
    Looks like a great fun going around with Flat Stanley!