Friday, May 7, 2021

Golden week

 I have to admit, the gold in "Golden Week" was rather gray. I was at least blessed to have the company of Flat Stanley, tagging along on daily activities.

He joined me on my weeding activities in the park. 

Luckily, the mosquitoes were not yet out. A week later they have returned and are voracious.

He was eager to see lots of koinobori flying in the wind.

Many local places that usually display carp streamers did not have them  out this year.  Maybe to control crowds during recent surge in virus cases.

333 koi were enjoying a breezy afternoon, and I had to hang on to Stanley to keep him from blowing away.

Stanley was very impressed with the "Boy's Day" things we saw on sale, walking through the local department store.

He really wanted a samurai outfit to celebrate the week, so I dug through my paper scraps and assembled a basic set of armour.

Many tasks are just daily events for me, but it was rather nice to have Samurai Stanley go along to hold the sweeping bin.

We had lots of windy days the past week and there were lots of leaves and flower petals cluttering our street and following us into the house stuck to our shoes. 

Stanley was a bit surprised to see what looked like fall, coming in the spring.

On "boy's Day", we visited a friend who set out lots of traditional displays. My friend is going to the states next week. She will get her vaccine there and visit her sons. She offered to take the laptop case I made for Kimie last year, that I have not been able to mail... since the US postal service made new rules.

Since Flat Stanley needed a little larger envelope for his return trip, and those are not allowed as they are a bit bigger than a postcard, my friend offered to take Stanley with her and mail the envelope from there. 

We had a nice sayonara party for Stanley, and he could wait in his envelope with my friend, and didn't get wet in the wind and rain on the way home.

Meanwhile, The I-Spy quilt went to its new home and the kids are enjoying it.

House repairs are moving along and the recent rain is not coming inside anymore. 

Assorted cacti are beginning to bloom and plums are falling from the tree. Each day there are victims of human feet, squashed on the street ... but a few useful ones too. (If I want to make plum wine).

In a bit of time, I will have an early Mother's day zoom visit with my wonderful kids. The Gold from Golden Week may be arriving a wee bit late ... but worth the wait.


  1. Here it is Mot her's Day tomorrow, and I will have lots of memories of my Mum, remembering her in so many ways.sewing, feeding calves, helping in the cowshed, going non the boat my Dad built, even though she did not like going on water at all. maybe this stemmed from very rough ferry crossings when she was in the South Island doing her Nursing Training, and going back to her parents for leave time.We had one rough crossing, and I can see what she did not like that trip at all, and back then no other way to get back north. Enjoy your Golden Week .And as for Stanley, what a bonus that he can fly safely.

  2. You really did right by Flat Stanley;). I hope your Zoom call was wonderful - your kids sure have a wonderful Mom!

  3. You sure do stay busy. I enjoy hearing about your daily activities and marvel at all you get done. My father used to make plum wine. Wild plums were plentiful at that time, but with interstates and new subdivisions, our source of plums have disappeared. You used to see people along side roads picking the plums shades of red and yellow dotted the highways. I sure do miss those days.

  4. Flat Stanley - in his samurai suit - is about to be a world traveler - such a lucky boy! I'm glad your house repairs are going well. Enjoy your zoom meeting with your kids. You're right - your Golden Week-end is definitely worth the wait - HAPPY Mother's Day!! - ;))

  5. Flat Stanley in his Boys Day ensemble is fabulous! Well done! I have a couple of things I would like to send to the US also. I think the new rules are too difficult and too restrictive

  6. I love Stanley's outfit. I'll get a video call with my grandkids tomorrow.

  7. What a fun new outfit for Flat Stanley, I hope he enjoys his new adventures in the states.
    The bugs are getting bad here too, so far just gnats, they are just annoying.


  8. Flat Stanley was very lucky to have such an accommodating home stay visit. Even armor! It was a good season for him to visit!

  9. Flat Stanley was a happy helper with you. What imagination and fun to share him with us. Thanks.