Monday, September 6, 2021

On the way


The star points are ready for the next step.

Since the needed end result is for a double bed, I am planning to divide the work into segments before assembling.

The plan is to make Hawaiian blocks in a hibiscus design for the four corner blocks, and an altered Hawaiian design for the four triangles.

A while ago, I laid out this star with different fabrics in the corners and sent it off for my granddaughter to look over and think about which of the assorted blues she liked for the main background. 

She liked the medium dark blue to set off the stars.

And... she liked the yukata fabric that I had used in one of the triangles.

That could be a good choice because I have plenty of that fabric, but it might be tricky to use, because, as you may notice, the batik design is made up of stripes. 
Hawaiian applique is usually solid colors, and I am not sure about making a design divided in quarters would balance.

On the other hand, it might be possible to rotate the direction of the print on each block so the direction echos the points of the stars. I do rather like the subtle contrast of the two choices,

Of course the quilt is going to need some borders where there will be an opportunity to repeat some of the center fabrics ... and possibly add a few more. I have no shortage of blue and white yukata fabrics.

My second challenge is another stool I was able to locate on the top of a dusty closet shelf.

You may notice the legs have pegs inserted into the frame. That should make them a bit more difficult to take apart and fix.

I plan to engage my son-in-law who is very good at solving fix-it problems ... at least with my rotting door frame and leaking roof.

This was the second stool made and the colors seem to be less faded. Probably from lying safely on the dark dusty shelf.

Looking back, I wonder where I found all that time to come up with the two designs and spend stitching with a variety of thread. 

I think I just drew the outlines on the canvass with a pen.

With Blogger no longer sending comments to my email inbox, I am sorry if I miss responding to some friends.

I can return to my dashboard, but how far back do I need to check and how do I know which ones I have responded to?  Back in the old days, we looked forward to changes, as most often, those changes were improvements and made life simpler. These days I have become more and more frustrated with changes ... the new washing machine with a lint trap that never gets any lint and the cycle that ties everything in one big knot. And Mr. Google who waits until you get everything figured out and them changes everything. What ever happened to that rule ... "If it ain't broke, don't fix it ! " ???


  1. I hope you can get both stools fixed. I didn't realize until I saw this one, that the other is the Chinese zodiac. I though it was a nice non-traditional take on the western(?) zodiac.

  2. Thank goodness I get most comments (but not yours or one other lady's comments). I do check for several days to see if either of you commented. I have a file on my email where I file comments that I've replied to. For the few that I don't get sent the comments, I go to my 'sent' folder and move the reply I sent to the other file. That way I can check if I replied or not. It seems to keep me on track.

  3. If you click on "Design" (next to where you click "New Post"), then click on "Comments" in the left hand column. And that gives you all your comments in chronological order. Maybe that will help? I don't know. I'm with you - if it 'ain't broke, don't fix it. Your yukata fabrics, in your hands, turn into something so exquisite!

  4. My goodness, I'm with you on so called "upgrades". Not just blogs, but the new washing machine that managed to felt my crocheted socks that survived perfectly for a year being washed in the old machine...

  5. I LOVE your blue and white - it's one of my favorite color combinations. And I agree with you - if it ain't broke - don't fix it! I think "they" change things because they have to justify their existence. It certainly doesn't seem like they "improve" things - they just make them different - and that's annoying - LOL - ;))

  6. Ahh...change, sometimes good but more than often not, it is not. Your blue and white pretty is stunning!

  7. STunning blocks!! Its been so nice to spend some time today catching up on your blog. How are things in Japan? My friend had posted pics months ago of empty trains which is so bizarre to me