Monday, March 28, 2022

Not too much to post about.

 Thanks to a great kindness, the "Big-Girl" quilt has met up with my granddaughter in Colorado. Our Pastor's wife was travelling to California, and offered to take the quilt with her and mail it from there, thus saving all the problems faced with mailing anything larger than a  letter from here to the states. I got a facetime call at the time and could enjoy Maile hugging her quilt.

This quilt was finished on the 9th of this month. It is not heavily quilted, as I wanted it to be a bit puffy and thus warm. With thinsulate batting, I don't have to worry about shifting. It has been passed to my friend on Sunday, the 13th when we could meet up in person at church.

Next on my list is the banner for our church's 150th anniversary. I started a while ago sewing the signature blocks together. Those were collected at the 140th anniversary and joined using my vast collection of floral prints. 

I separated the large and small signatures into two halves, and have added a blue sky between. Now I am busy adding a garden in the blue area.

This was probably not the smartest move, because it is somewhat difficult to be appliqueing stuff in the middle of a large space without catching in surrounding fabric.

Also, it is a bit of pick and choose when it comes to selecting flowers to add.

I thought moving along by season might work.

Well, I got in a few camellia and plum blossoms.....

Now it is cherry blossom season, so I added a branch and some petals.

I'm finding this is really going too slow, and I have upped the challenge.

Our church is having a "Kick-Off Celebration" on the 9th of next month. It will be a 24 hour, partly in person, and livestreamed  for those not going in person and former members living around the world.
By then, I would like to have the rest of the garden planted and blooming, and a border added with more strips to be signed. Then, I want to get it basted for quilting and take it to work on that day, while gathering a few more signatures
from those attending.  If I add a piano key border, I think it will become too wide, but maybe a white one-inch strip all around could accommodate more signatures. 

Here is a picture of it, spread out on my sofa. (too big for the floor space). I sketched more flowers on the tracing paper, hoping to fill a bit more of the space in the middle.

I hesitate to add too much detail, as this will be the hardest part to fill.

Maybe I could add a bird or another butterfly...

So, this will be next on my list.

I hate deadlines, but this is a bit self-imposed. 

I hope I can pull it  off in a timely fashion. I certainly an still open to suggestions.

Guess I'd better stop dithering, and get to work!


  1. The big girl quilt is fabulous! How fortunate that your pastor’s wife could carry it to the US to be mailed!

  2. The big girl quilt is beautiful! What a treasure! Luckily you solved the delivery problem. Your other quilt looks like it is coming along nicely. Looks lovely!

  3. Both quilts are just awesome!!! You are so very talented. What a treasure the quilt will be for your granddaughter. The quilt you are working on for your church is beautiful and it's not even complete.

  4. How fortunate indeed - and lovely to see the quilt being cuddled by the owner!

  5. AWESOME!! Your dithering is far more productive than my flitting from one thing to the next - ;))

  6. Your quilts are just stunning!

  7. What a lovely gift - no wonder the recipient was delighted. And the banner looks very intriguing.

  8. Beautiful banner. The quilt is amazing. I love seeing your work. thank you

  9. I have confidence in you .. you CAN do it x

  10. What a lovely little quilt! I especially like the origami birds in the center. Just lovely!

  11. Sew glad the quilt is finally with the new owner, and safely, too. I like the flowers you are adding to the church banner.