Saturday, October 28, 2023

The quilting has begun


Last week I finished the banner for this year's Stewardship campaign. 

I only purchased the thread and the binding. All the rest came from stash that was "gifted" from friends.

The batting was a piece that also came as a "gift" and just happened to be the right size. I have no idea what kind it is, and it seems to be a bit puffier than what I usually use. I decided not to quit around the lettering, as that might make the hanging even puffier.

The committee seemed to be happy with the results, so I was happy to turn it over, and get back to work on the next quilt.

While I was in Boston, visiting my #2 daughter, I picked up some twin bed size batting. It was all packaged in plastic so I had no idea how it would work other than size. 

When I laid it out on the quilt, I was surprised to see it seemed more like felt than what I am used to using. Now that I have pin-basted it a number of times, I finally began to quilt it today.

Well, this is not going to be easy. I can hardly get five stitches to the inch, and have to do some stab-stitching at the corner points. 

I don't think I will be able to do much fancy quilting in the blocks or border.

The batting is Warm & Natural and somewhat heavy on my lap ... though it should make a warm enough quilt.

I'm glad to be back at work on this, but I have a feeling it will take lots of effort. Wish me luck!




  1. How wonderful to see you back on the blog. The banner has, like all the others, another good message - there is so much we can give back for the things we've been given.
    As for batting, there are some brands that are just too compact to quilt comfortably. I DO wish you luck, and hope to see you soon, too.

    1. Thanks Queenie. Are you planning to go to the Yokohama show? With my busy work schedule, I only have Wednesdays off, unless there is a free day in the school schedule. Saturday mornings until noon are fairly free if I can get back home in time for my english class.

  2. Warm and Natural is not meant for hand quilting. I did one small one once and swore never again.

    1. It would have been nice if that information was on the package. This will be that same lesson learned.

  3. Welcome back, Julie!

  4. I usually use Warm & Natural batting, but when I hand quilt, I do the stab stitch style, not the rock the needle style. It machine quilts nicely (tho you don't machine quilt). I like this years quilt for the church.