Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Back to the usual

 Well, I arrived home to a dead AC and lots of dead plants. Luckily the first week back was filled with Vacation Bible School. The church was plenty cool and I actually had to take something warm to keep from freezing in the AC. Then ... return home in the packed sardine can they call a subway, and find the coolest spot to recover from excessive jet-lag.

I had a broken tooth to deal with and also trying to recover as many of the plants as possible. That effort is still going on daily. The jet lag took several weeks to recover and a new AC has been installed, The potted maple tree with brown leaves, has just begun to put out new green leaves at the tips of most branches. I poured water at it's base every morning since returning.

Friday, school began. It's nice to be back with the kids, though the long walk to and from the stations is rather miserable in this heat.

I have finished a pile of blocks that are waiting for a cool space large enough to arrange them around the center block. I'm thinking of adding four flowers to the corner area once that the layout is decided. The blocks are all floral prints and I want to coordinate those flowers with the block arrangement. I may be able to use the church fellowship hall floor if I can some good timing. My cub pack has our first meeting this Friday. I might be able to use some space there, as I will not have time to go home between school and the meeting. Anyway, I'm looking forward to a bit of progress. I bought batting while in Boston.


  1. Welcome home! Your blocks are very pretty. I’m glad you have air conditioning again. It is so hot!

  2. That will be a pretty quilt. Glad the AC is replaced. Heat is hard to deal with.

  3. Welcome back! I'm glad you got the a/c installed - heat is miserable. I'm looking forward to seeing your blocks come together - ;))

  4. Ugh, dealing with jetlag, broken a/c, and a broken tooth all at once! Sending sympathy and strength!

  5. Welcome home and welcome back!

  6. Summer in Tokyo was HOT but not so excessively humid as previous years. I am sure you were happy to escape the Japanese climate.
    I am so glad you had the chance to meet up with your family.
    Now back home you’re fighting with jet-lag and various practical problems. You will solve them all - you always do.
    Hope to see you at the show in Yokohama later in the autumn.
    All the best

  7. Isn't the Japanese heat and humidity a jolt to the system! And it is not ending yet! It sounds like the air-conditioning company worked quickly for you geetting a new system in. I've heard that there is a long waiting list at this time of year...