Monday, September 26, 2011

Bloggers, beware ... or celebrate

Now I place the blame ... or share the glory ... however one wants to look at it.

flashed these blocks at me and then encouraged my addiction.

Cheryl has suggested some sashing to control these wild blocks. Yes, I think that helps but I see that a design wall is what I will need to play around with these scrappy pieces.

Since I am left handed while in my right mind, it took another left hander to be able to share the blame. Thank you my dear blogging friends for even caring what I am up to! I appreciate your inspiration and support. If I count all those scraps donated by friends, this quilt will be a celebration of friendship.

The end of summer is here and the plume grass is about to bloom. In a few weeks I will see those soft flowers nodding in the autumn sun.

Here is another thing I enjoy about the grass. Grasshoppers.

One blade of grass can be folded into a hopper. Isn't it cute? This was something I learned while at a Nippon Venture Jamboree. I was waiting at my work station for activities to begin and another Scouter was playing with the grass growing all around.

With a bit of coaching , I figured out how to make one and was told that if I made three and then taught it to someone else, It would be mine forever.

Years later I still have fun playing in the grass. Yes, "make three and teach someone else" has served me well over the years.

I wonder what other tricks there are to learn ... out there ...lying in wait...


  1. I love that Grass Hopper;) What a clever idea.


  2. That grasshopper is amazing. I thought it was real!

  3. I'm anxious to see the finished quilt. I know it will be beautiful. Love the grasshoppers. Maybe you should do a tutorial and teach us how to make them (in our spare time?)

  4. Can you teach us to make a grasshopper. Any special grass required? The sashing is a good idea.

  5. Those grasshoppers are a real talent! I, too, thought they were real. I am loving the colours in your quilt. I don't think you need to tone it down at all.

  6. Wow Julie, the quilt is really starting to come together. I really like the sashing. Your grass grasshoppers are brilliant, another talent you have. Here in Ireland a left handed person is known as a "ciotog" prounced kitohg.

  7. I am still loving this random quilt - just love it!!! I like it with the sasing! It looks so fun to make! And loving those grass hoppers - how clever is that!

  8. The grasshoppers look so real! And they won't eat your other plants. Love them.

  9. I think the idea of sashing is excellent - in fact, I started to recommend it myself! I love black sashing but you might have a color that would work as well. Cute grasshopper...wish I were one of those you had taught to make that one. :) blessings, marlene

  10. Oh please show us how to make those grasshoppers. Like the sashing by the way but I was very distracted by the clever grasshopper!

  11. Julie -
    First - I love the blocks! The sashing looks great!
    Second - I wondered why it took me "to be able to share the blame". Then I remembered the "link" hints I gave you. You are very welcome! And a good student - they work perfectly!
    Third - I thought the grasshopper was REAL! PLEASE show us how you did that!

  12. I'm way behind (still) but, I saw your quilt this morning as a 'winner'. Nice quilt. Too bad you couldn't get a prize.