Saturday, September 17, 2011

Summer Snow visits the Bloggers Theme contest.

This week's theme is nine patches and certainly that is one of my favorite blocks.

As I mentioned in the previous post,
I have been cutting scraps into 1,2,3,and 4 and a half inch squares and collecting them in tins for later use. Because many scraps are small strips, the one-inch box is always overflowing.

As a way to use some of the pieces I had been given by friends, I made lots of nine-patch blocks using darks and lights. I had no particular plan in mind but I found a white fabric with small flowers that went well as a background and pieced them into snowballs. This is an interesting collection of fabrics both old and new and many are cut with animals, always thinking of napping quilts for a child. (Having been a non-napper myself).

This is one of my earlier quilts made with no purpose other than the fun in making it. I have given many of the quilts from this era away and have no digital photos of them so I decided while I have the chance I will take out a few of what I have left for portraits. As long as this one fit the theme for the week, I thought,"why not"!

This quilt was shown in 'American Patchwork & Quilting' 6/1/94 and also in 1995 Volume 7 'Quilts Japan'.

As I mentioned, I have been cutting little blocks from a box of gifted scraps. This selection is the one and a half inch box. It is crammed to the top and I am wondering how many more nine-patches might come from here. It was somewhat of a relief to switch gears to this + and x block.

The 14th block is almost finished. I still have no plan for them other than, like the snowball quilt, to have fun putting them together. I took them with me to my quilt group on Friday and my friends had fun arranging and re-arranging them and thinking of how they might go together. I'm sure that like those nine-patches so long ago, they will reveal their plan in time.

There are some interesting quilts in this weeks contest. The quilting gallery button will take you there to see what others are showing.

I still could use some suggestions of what to do with the sewed strips. Un-sew them? re-cut them and use them as larger blocks? I will never be able to sew them by machine. Maybe a car seat cover for Nikko?

Have a nice weekend.


  1. Have a nice weekend, too, Julie... oh, I just love that Summer Snow quilt! And to think you piece and quilt by hand... sigh.

    You know, I like the way you are going with the pieced blocks so far. Keep going! Maybe a group of four together sashed with something? ...Karen

  2. Beautiful quilt! I love seeing quilters use up their scraps. I bet Nikko would love having a quilted covered seat!

  3. Hi Julie,
    I just voted for your Summer Snow Quilt. I just love it. These days I find I am really enjoying quilts made from traditional blocks as much as the modern. There is something really appealing about them. I love yours. The white snowballs are a great compliment to the nine patches. In fact you may have given me the inspiration I need for the baby quilt i need to make in blue and white!

    Still loving those scrap blocks!I reckon you could make anything with it and I would love it.

  4. The Summer Snow quilt is an excellent version of a classic pattern. It deserves to win accolades. The values really work well.

    It isn't happening in all of the x blocks. There are a couple of blocks I would unpick in places. It is such a great design. I like where you are going with it.

  5. I love your Summer Snow - and I see many others do as well since you are ahead in the voting. :) blessings, marlene

  6. That is a beautiful quilt and I see you are in the lead!


  7. Love your Summer Snow. The border fabric is the perfect frame.

  8. I missed this on the contest, since I was traveling home over the weekend. I DID see that it won 2nd place. Cool! I'm still having fun showing off my lovely Japanese goodies. Everyone loves them and oohs and ahhs over them.