Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Everything but the kitchen sink

With an organized storage system and a house as small as mine, how hard can it be to find a piece of fabric? I know exactly what I am looking for. I have seen it at the bottom of a box in the not-to-distant past.

This week I was making a mug-rug for a friend. I wanted to put a particular piece of fabric on the back. It is a particular print in English (or rather "Japlish") that I am sure would give her a chuckle. I thought it would be easy to lay my hands on that perfect backing print.

Oh foolish me, I have wasted DAYS hunting through my stash. It was not in the mixed prints. It was not among the reds.

It was not in any of my other boxes in the hall or among the child-friendly prints under the coffee table. I looked everywhere but the kitchen sink as that was full of dirty dishes I had neglected as I searched for that fabric.

Finally, I gave up.

I know it is hiding somewhere.Even as I write it is secretly watching and laughing. It will not get cut up this time. It will not feel the prick of the needle. BUT, it cannot hide forever and I WILL find it.

Meanwhile, nothing much has been accomplished. It has been much to hot to work at quilting and Nikko has eaten half the flower template I was using, I will have to draft another before I can go on.

So as to not feel the whole week has gone to waste, I pulled out this picture of a baby quilt to enter the Quilting Bloggers Weekly Themed contest.

I do not ever anticipate winning anything but it is fun to see what others are making, get a bit of inspiration, and sometimes meet a kindred spirit.

This quilt was made for my youngest granddaughter, Irene, before knowing if it would be for a girl or boy. It has the animals of the oriental zodiac running around the border with her ox at the top center.

The funniest part of the quilt is not easy to spot. Being extremely dyslexic, I have a big problem with numbers and letters. Two of the blocks had to be taken apart and re-done after one of my quilting friends noticed the letters were facing in the wrong direction. Luckily it was while I was sewing the top together. But ... as I was quilting those little one-inch blocks around each letter containing pictures of alphabet words to go with the letters... I discovered all the owls were hanging by their toes. I had sewed the "O" on upside down! Too late. I wonder if that two-year-old has noticed yet.

Not much is likely to get done the rest of this week. Scouts are ready to fill what time is left. Hopefully the plans for Friday's pack meeting will go off better than the plans for this past week.


  1. HI Julie. I think we all know the frustration of looking for something we KNOW is there, but not finding it. It's a bit like those things we put in a safe place so we don't lose it, and then can never remember where the safe place is!!
    I like your baby quilt and the story behind it. Both are colourful and fun

  2. I just love to see that organisation! and I can also feel the frsutratoin of knowing you should be able to find it but not being able to! And that baby quilt! Gasp!! I love it. All those tuny fussy cut little squares! What a treasure for your Grandbaby! What a lucky girl!

  3. Julie, you have your fabric organised so well. I have mine all over the place. I really have to take some time off work and try and get mine sorted. Love the alphabet quilt and what a great idea to use the oriental zodiac animals around the outside.
    Enjoy the rest of your week.

  4. I am sorry you cannot find the piece of fabric that you are looking for, but I must say that your fabric organization is wonderful. Looking at your photos was quite an inspiration :D

    That is a sweet child's quilt and I think you stand a very good chance at winning! Lots of fun colors.

    I like that word...'Japlish'. I'm going to try that out sometime!


  5. Great border idea for the baby quilt. As an experienced "misplacer" I advise after looking everywhere twice, quit thinking about it and you will remember where it is hiding.

  6. Hi Julie,
    What have you organised your frabrics, and yet you can not find the fabric :):) It's so frustrating because you know it's somewhere.
    Friday I vote on your beatiful babyquilt. Good Luck.
    Greatings Tiny

  7. BAHAHA! Oh my gosh! That sounds soooo familiar and very frustrating at the same time. My hubby stays out of my way when I am on the "hunt for that one piece of fabric"!
    And to top it off - Nikko eats part of your template! Oh no! I have had the cats destroy templates, quilt notes, and even finished blocks. Gotta love them!
    I love the baby quilt with all the details to keep a baby busy for hours. The applique animals are my favorite. Good luck! I will vote for you!

  8. Well at least your frustration gave your eager audience a chance to see a bit behind the scenes of "my quilt diary". Suggestion for lost fabric. Pull out the fabric from each box and refold. It may be hiding in amongst or down behind a neighbour. Start with the most likely box. At least you will tidy your stash some more and renew your memory of what you have!

    I love the baby quilt and the quilting is amazing, as always.

  9. You are way too organized for me! Everything in little see through tupperware boxes! I wish!

    I love your baby quilt. So colorful and all the wonderful animals. I have turned around letters too in some of my quilts....

  10. I am a disorganized, organized, I know where it is and that is all that counts;) I love that baby quilt and I will vote for it, it is beautiful.


  11. I know that exact feeling. In fact I lost a pair of quilting gloves in my sewing room about a year ago and they still haven't surfaced. Your quilt is colourful and beautiful - as so many of yours are. Good for you for entering the contest....I think I'll go vote.

  12. That is one fantastic baby quilt.

  13. It's a conspiracy, you know... fabrics do this on purpose to make us buy more. :-)
    And the baby quilt is gorgeous! (as are all your quilts)
    Just catching up... have a wonderful weekend.

  14. Wow I'm totally jealous of your organization! I try but I'm just not quite there yet. And what a wonderful quilt! One inch blocks? Oh my...I couldn't even see one inch blocks, let alone put them together! blessings, marlene

  15. Haha, you did it again. What? Well, make me smile. So you gave me a chuckle instead of your friend. I hope you will find the piece of Japlish fabric soon and show it to us.
    The babyquilt is gorgeous!

  16. Such neatly organised, Julie! And I love the beautiful quilt & especially with the zodiac calendar. My son is an Ox too (1997). We are still missing Japan fondly!

  17. This is the best baby quilt I've seen. Lots of work and love went into it, clearly!

  18. Nikko was trying to get involved, I'm sure. Maybe you should have fed him the slips of paper from the giveaway. BTW, I brought my box of lovelies from you to show off in Texas. Everyone is impressed by them. I'm having so much fun with them, and I haven't even figured out how to use them yet. Thanks again!